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Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – Miguel Galindo’s fate is revealed

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 4

Mayan MC Season 4 has only aired three episodes, but it has already proven to be a thrilling season. Canche reveals that the majority of the other members of the club want to get rid of Santo Padre, but Marcus Alvarez is apprehensive. Manny and EZ, who agree to accompany El Banquero’s accountant Randall into Mexico, provide him with optimism. Randall, the accountant, had intended to go into hiding in Mexico. The Mayans had not expected Randall to be accompanied by a child named Noah. Angel Reyes notices Randall and Noah are missing when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Randall is attempting to sexually abuse Noah when he comes upon him. At the end of the episode, Angel, disgusted, shoots Randall. It’s safe to conclude that, despite Randall’s heinous deeds, Canche will not be forgiving of Angel’s actions. Let’s read Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 4 Recap.

Manny, the Reyes brothers, and a badly injured Randall. Manny informs Angel that by shooting Randall, he did the right thing. The three of them collaborate to figure out what they should do next. They soon discover that Randall is not Noah’s biological father. Instead, the accountant has kidnapped him and taken him away from his parents. Manny responds by shooting Randall and stating that they will need to contact Noah’s parents in order to get him home.

Later, at the temple, Canche inquires as to who shot Randall. The trio’s three members share responsibility for the crime. Canche then chastises Alvarez for putting his faith in them. Alvarez, on the other hand, claims that killing Randall was the proper thing to do and displays his disdain for pedophiles. This irritates Canche, who fears that killing Randall has jeopardized their drug pipeline and will surely attract El Banquero’s anger. He’s partially correct because when Canche meets with El Banquero later, it’s evident he’s not happy, but the immediate ramifications aren’t seen. Following the meeting, Alvarez informs the Santo Padre Mayans that Nestor Oceteva, Miguel Galindo’s former chief of security, is his new target, which irritates almost everyone. Alvarez discovered Nestor working as a security guard at a parking lot in last week’s episode.

Miguel Galindo’s fate is revealed

Miguel befriends a small kid named Tomas, and it’s revealed that his aunt is one of the convent’s nuns, according to Mayans M.C. She tries to persuade Miguel to confess his sins and pray, but he refuses. She then requests Miguel to leave Tomas alone, explaining that he has been through a lot of suffering in his short life. A group of armed men approaches the convent sometime later. Miguel and Tomas had taken refuge in a shed. The men in the LNG, on the other hand, say they’re looking for someone named Martin, who is Tomas’ father, for crossing them. The nuns first refused to admit the guys to the convent, but they appear to have changed their minds. EZ is disappointed to learn that his father’s butcher shop in downtown Santo Padre is shutting. He sees Gaby’s postcard and rushes out before his father can speak with him. Creeper and a woman from one of his recovery meetings sit down to eat lunch and tell each other stories about their lives.

While Bishop destroys him, Coco rebuilds his relationship with the Mayans. Hope asks Coco to pick her up from work since she is afraid about walking home alone. He concurs. Coco encounters Alvarez in the shrine later that day. Alvarez commends Coco for keeping clean and working to mend his relationship. Alvarez preaches the importance of team togetherness and informs Coco that he will be sending him to Oakland to assist in the rebuilding of the club’s burned bridges. Coco is on board with the move. Coco, on the other hand, does not show up to transport Hope home from work later that night, indicating that their relationship is growing strained. EZ tries to get Bishop to run for vice president. Bishop, on the other hand, dismisses the talk and insults EZ. As a result of Bishop’s contempt, EZ hits him. Bishop and the woman consume cocaine and have sex on one of the pool tables later that night. Gilly notices them and immediately exits.

Gilly attends his nephew’s birthday celebration, where he meets up with one of his former military friends, (CM Puck). The majority of the subplot revolves around Gilly’s search for a place in the world and his guilt over an incident that occurred in Mosul, Iraq. Later that night, when his brother, Paul, and one of the other dads at the party get into a fight, Gilly has to step in to keep the peace. Even though Gilly does an excellent job of de-escalating the situation, Paul nevertheless punches the man.

For his part, Creeper maintains a love engagement with a woman he met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. They discuss their pasts and scars.

Felipe is waiting for Angel to return to his house, and the two of them sit down at the table to split a piece of cake. There isn’t much to say between them, but the scenario serves as a good counterpoint to EZ’s remarks about a father being there.

Manny is sent back to Yuma by Canche at the Santo Padre clubhouse. Initially, the two disagree about what Manny’s goal in Santo Padre was supposed to be. Canche is clearly upset that Manny has become acquainted with the Santo Padre Mayans, despite the fact that the younger Mayan assumed he was there to make peace. Soon after, Manny and EZ say their goodbyes, and it’s evident that they’re parting as friends. Canche, on the other hand, is a different story. Outside the clubhouse, EZ and the Yuma Mayans’ leader had a spat. While EZ tries to reconcile with Canche, he makes it obvious that he will not forgive the Santo Padre Mayan for harming his kid. Alvarez takes a break from their chat to see what is going on outside.

As a result, EZ arranges a meeting with Alvarez in the temple. There, Alvarez informs EZ that he appointed him vice president because he saw the club’s potential. He then hands him a book of Mayan M.C. by-laws so that EZ can fully comprehend the club’s mission. Alvarez, for one, wants to prevent the club from collapsing. EZ now has a book of historical material and letters regarding the club’s origins to read through throughout the course of the day. EZ brings up a by-laws provision known as a “kill switch clause,” which allows any chapter president to be removed by a unanimous vote. EZ wants to reinstate the provision in order to prevent guys like Canche and Bishop from further ruining the club. In a secluded area, the president and vice president of the San Bernardino SOA chapter meet. They both express their displeasure at Montez’s killing, and Terry hears that Chibs, who is in charge of the Sons of Anarchy’s Charming chapter, has authorized a war.

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