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Lord of Misrule Movie: Plot, Release Date, Cast, True Story and Trailer

A story of mystery, terror, and suspense is about to enchant the world of film with the upcoming film “Lord of Misrule.” With a screenplay by Tom De Ville whose horror successes include The Quiet Ones and the Hannibal TV series and a direction by the gifted William Brent Bell, this movie looks to have an engaging story that will hold viewers’ attention. tvacute will examine the narrative, release date, cast, true tale, and this article’s spine-tingling trailer for “Lord of Misrule.”

Lord of Misrule Movie Story

The terrifying paganism horror tale “Lord of Misrule” takes place in a small English village. Rebecca Holland, portrayed by Tuppence Middleton, is the protagonist of the story. She recently became the parish church’s priest. When her small daughter vanishes during a winter event, her entire world collapses and a desperate search is launched.

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In the process of searching for the missing child, the local police and locals inadvertently uncover the dark truths of the town’s mysterious past. These mysteries grow more terrible the closer they get to finding the girl. Rebecca must make a terrifying choice that will put her willpower to the test and determine whether she is willing to give her all in order to save her daughter from the grip of evil.

When does the movie Lord of Misrule come out?

It won’t be long before audiences who are itching to witness the atrocities of “Lord of Misrule” may do so. With its December release date, the film is a great winter treat for horror enthusiasts. December 8, 2023, is the planned release date. The movie will be accessible on digital platforms as well as in a few US theaters.

This implies that you can see “Lord of Misrule” on a big screen at a nearby theater or relax in your own house while experiencing thrilling and spine-tingling moments. It’s a chance to enjoy the holidays with a hint of tension and horror, giving your selections of Christmas films a distinctive touch.

Lord of Misrule Film Cast

Any movie’s ability to succeed usually rests on the abilities and performances of its performers, and “Lord of Misrule” has gathered an incredible group of actors to bring this story to life. Among the cast are:

Ralph Ineson as Jocelyn Abney
Tuppence Middleton as Rebecca Holland
Matt Stokoe as Henry Holland
Alexa Goodall as Bryony Furleigh
Rosalind March as Miri Tremlow
Robert Goodman as Graham Nash
Anton Valensi as George Furleigh
David Langham as DI Hythe
Evie Templeton as Grace Holland
Luc Ineson as Derry Nash
Jane Wood as Ida Tremlow
Simon Bundock as Village Boy
Catriona Yuill as Callie Furleigh
Marc Hockley as Villager
George Keeler as Dave Garfoot
Joe Citro as Village Boy
Sally Plumb as Marjorie Garfoot
Sophie Romer as Villager

The performances of this group, which consists of both seasoned actors and up-and-coming talent, should give the characters in this gripping story more nuance and realism. With a cast like this, “Lord of Misrule” promises to give its audience an engrossing and immersive experience.

Is Lord of Misrule (2023) based on a true story?

It’s crucial to understand that “Lord of Misrule” is a work of fiction. The film, which was directed by William Brent Bell and written by Tom De Ville, is a work of fiction even though it has aspects of dark history and pagan tradition. William Brent Bell, who has helmed films such as “The Boy,” “The Devil Inside,” and “Stay Alive,” is the director of this dark and mysterious story.

However, the concept of the Lord of Misrule has historical roots. It was customary in England in the late medieval and early Tudor eras to designate a Lord of Misrule to preside over Christmas celebrations. This person was in charge of planning and supervising a variety of entertainment events, such as plays, feasts, processions, and masques. A pretend court led by the Lord of Misrule frequently oversaw these events, fostering a joyous and lighthearted environment.

Known by several names in Scotland and France, this custom entailed designating an individual, usually a peasant or sub-deacon, to supervise the festivities, which may involve dancing and, occasionally, intoxication. The custom was eventually outlawed, and then reinstated at various historical periods. Other regions of Europe were also noted to have comparable traditions.

The film “Lord of Misrule” offers a new and exciting interpretation of the notion within the setting of a small English village and a mother’s desperate quest for her missing daughter, although drawing inspiration from the idea of a Lord of Misrule. The storyline of the film is totally fictional.

Trailer for Lord of Misrule (2023)

You can watch the official trailer for “Lord of Misrule” to get a flavor of the tension and spookiness that the movie offers. Magnolia Pictures released a trailer that gives viewers a taste of the eerie and enigmatic universe that the film explores.

Rebecca Holland, portrayed by Tuppence Middleton, the daughter of the town’s new priest, is shown in the teaser vanishing at the Harvest Festival. This starts a desperate hunt that reveals the town’s dark past along with rumors of a malicious spirit that demands sacrifices. The characters and the spooky atmosphere of the movie are introduced to us in the trailer, which features strange masks and rowdy locals who appear unwilling to face the more sinister sides of their community.

Under William Brent Bell’s direction, “Lord of Misrule” seems to be a cinematic excursion into the world of rural fear and folk horror. It tells the tale of outsiders who come to a little village in search of the truth, only to find the residents adamant about keeping their customs and secrets. This movie promises to give horror fans a distinctive and terrifying experience, drawing inspiration from the folk-horror heritage.

In summary, “Lord of Misrule” is a film that promises to provide viewers an exciting and suspenseful experience. When it opens in December 2023, this picture is sure to enchant audiences with its unique take on the Lord of Misrule, outstanding cast, and ominous atmosphere. You can watch the trailer in anticipation of its release to get a peek of the enigmatic world that lies ahead. Get ready for a cinematic trip into the depths of darkness and the search for redemption.


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