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Law and Order OC Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: “Redcoat” Revealed

In Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 11, Stabler faced a difficult decision: to prioritize his mission or to rescue a fellow officer in danger. Although he currently has the advantage, this story is far from reaching its conclusion. This story, like many others, manages to captivate readers with its ability to both entertain and convey meaningful messages about justice and loyalty.

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Law and Order OC Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

The episode opens with Angus (Stephen Lang) thanking Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) for saving his life and realizing he was warned about Emory but didn’t listen. As a way to calm down after the shock, Mama Boone (Lois Smith) offers them whisky and says that her family has been making it for 250 years. Trish tells Stabler that Angus wants to be left alone to sell heroin and that they are getting a supply they can’t figure out. Angus is adamant about talking to Stabler.

While Shah comes back, Vargas watches Stabler on CCTV. Shah says she has never lost a police officer before when Bell is asked about Sam’s death. She suggests getting in touch with other groups to find out more about Sam’s killer. Emory calls Angus and wants to talk things over. Mama Boone tells Angus to turn off the phone and tell Emory to send an agent to the farm. Emory says he will send Dahlia.

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At the same time, Joe Stabler (Michael Trotter) talks to Randall Stabler (Dean Norris)  in a bar and tells him to stop looking for him before he gets hurt. Joey makes it sound like there are bad guys involved and tells Randall to back off for his own safety and the safety of Elliot. After that, Eli calls Randall and has some very important news to share. Before telling Randall, Eli wants to tell Elliot first. Trish and Stabler play pool together. Trish is shocked that Stabler has a face-to-face meeting with Emory, since she has been trying to get one for months. Tyler tells them that someone will be there in ten minutes.

It’s been told to Jet and Reyes that a war criminal is behind a killing. Vargas steps in to add that a CCTV glitch was caused by a jammer. They know that the target is hiding behind a jammer to avoid being found. Emory’s representative, a lead lawyer, shows up at the farm. She tells Angus and Mama Boone that Emory wants a peaceful end to the situation. Mama Boone wants things to end peacefully, but Angus is still suspicious because he thinks there’s a spy among them.

When Stabler and Angus get to a private airport, Emory’s guards check them out. Emory offers them a drink, but Angus turns him down because he wants to pay Emory back and get out of the drug business. Emory is adamant about bringing a package on the way and hints that there might be a spy among them.

When they get back to the farm, Angus tells Mama Boone about the mole and their plan to dig another hole to be sure. Stabler tells Trish about the information and tells her to run away. But Angus shows up and tells Tyler to take Trish, which causes a fight where Trish is tied up.  Stabler tries to talk sense into Angus and Mama Boone by saying that Emory made up the story about the mole to cause trouble. Angus is still sure, so he chooses to kill Trish. Vargas finds a morse code message on CCTV that says a cop is down, which means that action needs to be taken right away.

Even though Trish is a traitor, Angus chooses to bury her with honors as a Marine. With the help of Trish, Stabler beats Angus and Tyler. When the cops show up, they arrest everyone. As Stabler is being taken away, Trish gives him a salute. In the interrogation room, Angus calls Stabler a traitor and a liar, but Stabler finally agrees to help and tells the police everything he knows about the crimes. At the end of the show, Emory boards a plane with Joey by his side to make sure that Angus doesn’t talk in jail.

Law and Order OC Season 4 Episode 11: Who is Redcoat?

In Season 4, Episode 11 titled “Redcoat,” viewers were finally provided with answers about the mysterious figure behind Samir Bashir’s murder. Julian Emery, also known as Redcoat (Tom Payne, made a brief appearance to have a conversation with Angus and “Hank” on a private jet. This meeting was an attempt to resolve any misunderstandings after his unsuccessful assassination plot against the militia leader, who had previously served as his enforcers.

Although Angus appeared upset about the hit that was placed on him, Redcoat exuded his sophisticated British charm.  Stabler, who was still undercover as Hank, confronted Emery about the murder of a police officer. The criminal mastermind casually brushed off the incident as “unfortunate.”

Emery rejected Angus’ offer to repay the loan that is keeping him tied to Redcoat’s operation. Instead, Emery proposed ending their association after completing one final task. Angus accepted those terms. However, there was still one final matter to address: Redcoat disclosed that Angus had an undercover government agent within his militia.

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