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Is Yellowstone Cancelled after season 5?

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Are we saying goodbye to Yellowstone after season 5? Though we can’t be sure, we suspect that Paramount Global and Paramount Network are planning to cancel the show after its current season concludes this summer. Yellowstone is a contemporary Western that follows the newest generation of the Dutton family, who run the largest ranch in Montana. The family’s personal turmoil and tensions with the Broken Rock Indian tribe cast a shadow over the entire state and pose serious challenges to the family’s ascent to power. Allow www.tvacute.com to offer you all of the necessary information.

According to Deadline, “they are planning a potential franchise extension to continue the Dutton narrative,” with  True Detective star Matthew McConaughey in talks to appear in the new show. There have been no updates on McConaughey’s casting status while he is in negotiations for the role. The Paramount representative continued,  “Matthew McConaughey is a fantastic performer with whom we’d want to partner.”

“We have no news to report. Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are always working on franchise expansions of this incredible world he has built. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom we’d love to partner,” a Paramount Network spokesperson told Deadline.

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The idea of a McConaughey-led series is not unexpected, given that Sheridan told The New York Times in 2021 that he is willing to write additional Yellowstone spinoffs. My horizons are wide open. Since I’ve lived the majority of my life in the West, its sparseness appeals to me. According to the article, many of Yellowstone‘s biggest actors are already signed on to star in the new show although it is still unclear who that might be. Yellowstone features an ensemble cast including Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Gil Birmingham, Kelsey Asbille, and more.

The ratings for Yellowstone on broadcast and online services remain quite high. Based on data compiled by Deadline, the season five premiere’s simultaneous airing on Paramount, CMT, Pop, and TV Land attracted a combined audience of approximately 16 million. As the highest-rated cable launch since The Walking Dead in 2017, Yellowstone has been named 2022’s most-watched television program.

Of course, the Dutton family is essential to Yellowstone, so they will almost certainly make an appearance. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has already mapped out the series’ final season, so the Paramount Network can begin working on spinoffs that will connect to the series’ conclusion.

Is Season 6 of Yellowstone Cancelled?

The fate of Yellowstone’s sixth season and beyond remains unknown. Reports that Kevin Costner may be departing the program have cast doubt on its renewal. The critically acclaimed Western drama Yellowstone may be coming to an end sooner rather than later, according to a report from Deadline. It appears that the show will come to an end, and then a turn show starring Matthew McConaughey will extend the Dutton family narrative. Other stars from the original show will also appear in the spin-off show, although Kevin Costner will not be one of them.

As a result of Yellowstone’s massive popularity, Paramount+ greenlit not one but three prequel spinoff series, set in the years 1883, 1923, and 6666. The first one follows the Dutton family back to where they came from and how they came to possess Yellowstone Ranch, and it stars Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott. In 1932, set 40 years later, we follow a new generation of Duttons (Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren) as they face the hardships of the 20th century; the show was renewed for a second season in February 2023. Sheridan is currently developing 6666, a spinoff inspired by Texas’s fabled Four Sixes Ranch. Jimmy Hurdstrom, Jefferson White’s ranch worker, matures into a man and finds love in Yellowstone, Season 4.

Sylvester Stallone’s Tulsa King and Jeremy Renner’s Mayor of Kingstown are both returning for their second seasons on Sheridan’s independently produced contemporary series. Bass Reeves, a series featuring David Oyelowo as the first Black deputy U.S. marshal, is now in production as part of the Taylor Sheridan canon as well. In the end, there’s Lioness, a modern spy thriller starring Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman, and Morgan Freeman. This week marks the end of the first season of that show. Filming on Land Man, starring Billy Bob Thornton, will get underway in May. Yellowstone’s legacy will continue long after Kevin Costner‘s series has ended.

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