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Dutton Family Tree – ‘1883’ to ‘Yellowstone’


The recently-premiered Yellowstone prequel, 1883 chronicles the horrific narrative of the Dutton clan’s journey through the Great Plains, approximately 150 years before the hit Western drama Yellowstone on the Paramount Network.

James (Tim McGraw), Elsa (Isabel May), Claire Dutton (Dawn Olivieri), John Dutton Sr. (Audie Rick), and the rest of the crew fight for themselves in the face of fatal diseases like smallpox and encounters with desperate bandits. James Dutton, John Dutton’s great-grandfather, is here (tvacute.com) to show how far he will travel to provide a better life for himself and his family.

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Lee, Beth, and Kayce are shared by John Dutton and Evelyn. Evelyn died a few years ago in a horseback riding accident. The terrible loss of John Dutton’s oldest son, Lee, was depicted in Season 1, Episode 1 of Yellowstone (Dave Annable). After attempting to return the livestock from the Broken Rock Reservation, he was killed. Robert Long, Kayce’s brother-in-law, shot him.

As the family tree illustrates, Yellowstone’s Tate Dutton is the sole survivor of the “newest” Dutton generation. He is John Dutton’s sole grandchild. The Dutton bloodline is only carried on by Kayce and Monica now that Lee has passed away and Beth is unable to bear children. Monica is also pregnant, as we learn in Season 4, Episode 8. Tate will soon have a baby brother or sister, and fans will most likely meet the newest Dutton family member in Season 5. Let’s hope that 1883 and Yellowstone provide us with more clues to add Dutton Family Tree. We are excited to see Dutton family rocking their Yellowstone jackets and outfits in their rancher character in season 5. Remember this – unofficial Dutton Family Tree.

The truth about Jamie Dutton’s true history is first revealed in Season 3 of Yellowstone. The plotline, in some ways, tapped into Jamie’s status as a family outsider. Jamie reunited with his kid and his ex-partner, Christina, in Season 4, Episode 5. (Katherine Cunningham). In Season 2, she was expecting a child.

Without the ranch employees, Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J. Smith), Walker (Ryan Bingham), Colby (Denim Richards), and the rest of the crew who aren’t formally part of the Dutton family, the story would be incomplete.

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