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Is it true that Shantel VanSanten will no longer be playing the part of Nina Chase for the FBI?

After the airing of the FBI Season 5 Special Episode 6 titled “Double Bind,”(aired on Sunday, Nov 6, which will not air on Tuesday because of coverage of Election Night), it is reasonable to assume that Shantel VanSanten will leave the show for the foreseeable future. However, would this parting really be the last time? Regarding that particular matter, there is still some more time left over for us to wait and see what happens.

Is Shantel VanSanten leaving the FBI? Here is what tvacute.com can tell for the time being: Special Agent Nina Chase made the decision to shift to the white-collar crimes division after finding out that she is pregnant with Scola’s baby after learning that she is pregnant with Scola’s baby… This will pave the way for Missy Peregrym to reprise her role as Maggie in the following brand-new episode, which will air on Tuesday (November 15)

FBI Season 5 Episode 7: Finally, Maggie [Missy Peregrym] is back.
FBI Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

We found out if Nina Chase will stay with Jubal’s team after Maggie Bell comes back from her medical leave. Here is some good news for all of you who enjoy Nina as a character: for the time being, she will not be killed off. As a result, according to information obtained by TVLine, VanSanten will continue to work with the FBI, even though she won’t be shown in every episode. The remaining episodes of this season will reportedly feature VanSanten in recurring roles. Even if it does not seem as though we are going to see her in each episode, there is still a good chance that we may see her again in the future. However, Shantel was never cast as a series regular; but, we do believe that a significant number of fans developed a fondness for Nina when she was appearing on the show. Now we need to find out what Nina wants to do once the pregnancy news was revealed, in addition to determining what the next step should be for her professional life. It is very clear that she has a lot of different things to consider in this regard.

What happened to Nina Chase in  FBI Season 5 Special Episode 6? Ending Explained!

FBI Season 5 Special Episode 6

The other agents witnessed Nina meet in private with Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille at the conclusion of the episode after she had valiantly pretended to be a Chechen defector who was being handed over to militants who wanted her dead. After that, Nina emerged to inform OA, Special Agent Stuart Scola (John Boyd), and Special Agent Tiffany Wallace that this would likely be her final case with them for a while. I should stop and relax for a while. However, I’m just going to walk down to White Collar and fight all the bad guys getting insider training there.

Midway through the hour, Nina told Stuart that she had “found out last night,” after becoming lightheaded while searching through a POI’s possessions. I didn’t think I was pregnant; I just assumed I had the illness. Before they got back to the case at hand, Stuart asked Nina what she had in mind to do with their child to which she replied, “I don’t know, I don’t know.”  When she was in the elevator, Stuart asked her, “Why are you really leaving?”

“I simply need some time to consider my options and decide what I want to do with my life. also you,” she retorted. Nina responded, “I don’t know,” when pressed once more about whether she intends to keep the child. She said as she stepped into the elevator to leave, “I think I just need some time.  But after giving a dejected look, Nina grabbed for the door, stopping it from shutting. She then hurried over to Stuart, crying, and gave him a hug and kiss. Before really departing, she stated, “I’ll call you.


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