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Mia Goth’s Infinity Pool Movie Trailer and Release Date

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In 2023, audiences will have their pick of a wide variety of terrifying new horror flicks. Brandon Cronenberg‘s Infinity Pool is up next for genre buffs. Infinity Pool, starring Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgard, will debut at the Sundance Film Festival before opening in theatres nationwide. This will be the first live Sundance since the 2020 epidemic. Infinity Pool has produced a new teaser for the occasion, focusing on the sinister enemy Goth.  Infinity Pool Movie has an official preview, poster (above) and synopsis, which you can see on tvacute.com

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This 30-second trailer doesn’t provide anything new about the movie’s plot, but if you’re a fan of the Mia Goth aesthetic, it’s guaranteed to give you the willies. In Infinity Pool, Goth plays Gabi, a seemingly innocuous native whom Alexander Skarsgrd‘s James and Em Foster’s (Cleopatra Coleman) characters encounter on their vacation to a lonely island. However, given that this is a horror film, nothing is ever as simple as it seems, especially when it comes to one of Goth’s excellent performances. This trailer gives a chilling glimpse into the cult-like lifestyle of the island society where Gabi lives. There is little more we know about her save that she enjoys laughing and yelling while she shoots people.

This preview offers a fantastic new look at Cronenberg’s interminably dense and suffocatingly murderous atmosphere as if Goth’s nightmare-inducing performance weren’t enough. The visuals of Infinity Pool seem designed to drive horror enthusiasts crazy.

However, closer scrutiny reveals that these features appear to be an integral part of the wearer’s face, and are therefore unlikely to be masked at all. The Cronenbergs have made a name for themselves in the genre of body horror, and the major conceit of this picture is centered on the concept of cloning. After James and Em are in a terrible car accident, they are convinced to clone themselves to protect their families. They are threatened with execution unless they undergo cloning. These “monsters,” reminiscent of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, have been advertised for the film in various ways, so they might represent either unsuccessful clones or the gruesome result of the cloning procedure. Whatever the reason, Cronenberg and Goth hope to frighten audiences with Infinity Pool once again.

Synopsis: Guided by a seductive and mysterious woman, a couple on vacation venture outside the resort grounds and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror. A tragic accident soon leaves them facing a zero-tolerance policy for crime: either you’ll be executed, or, if you’re rich enough to afford it, you can watch yourself die instead.

The world premiere of Infinity Pool took place on January 22, 2023, during the Sundance Film Festival. The film is scheduled to be distributed by Neon in the United States on January 27, 2023.

First Published on: Jan 22, 2023 


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