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House of the Dragon Finale: Who is the Dragon in the Cave? What does it mean for Daemon to sing to?

Many unsolved mysteries from “The Black Queen,” the House of the Dragon Season 1 conclusion, will keep fans thinking until Season 2. It should come as no surprise that there are numerous dragons in a Game of Thrones prequel that takes place during the Dance of the Dragons. It can be challenging for viewers, even those who haven’t read the book, to keep track of who is riding a whose dragon and which ones are still up for grabs. There are still plenty of “neutral” dragons available for a claim, as Daemon notes in this episode. Daemon (Matt Smith) has his eye on one dragon in particular, whom he meets in a cave, despite the fact that there are plenty to select from. Here is (tvacute.com) to explain everything. Which Dragon is Daemon Singing To? The identity of the dragon Daemon sings to at the episode’s conclusion and why it is crucial to the coming conflict.

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Who is the Dragon in the Cave?

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Rhaenyra is preparing a strategy to defeat the Greens while Daemon is alone in a cave with only a candle for light. It’s difficult to guess the lyrics because he’s singing a song in High Valyrian, a language for which there is currently no translation. But it’s assumed that the song is intended to calm the mightiest of monsters as he ventures farther into the cave and cautiously kneels to the ground while rumbling fills the abyss. A large dragon can be seen in the light, and it erupts in flames as it sees Daemon. Vermithor, whom Daemon alluded to earlier in the episode, is this. According to George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, Vermithor, the famed dragon owned by Jaeherys Targaryen (Daemon’s grandfather), was also known as the Bronze Fury due of his bronze colouring and “huge tan wings.” When Jaeherys staked his claim to the Iron Throne, Vermithor was already a very huge dragon. This is when Jaeherys started riding Vermithor. In light of this, Vermithor will be at least 100 years old when Daemon pays him a visit.

Vermithor wasn’t present in the opening moments of House of the Dragon’s pilot, even though we saw King Jaehaerys Targaryen himself there. Vermithor, who is almost a century old and the second-biggest dragon still living at the time of the Dance of the Dragons, is the largest dragon still alive. Being so old, he had lived through a long lifetime of experiences and endeavors, and his presence was essential to the ongoing rule of the Targaryen Dynasty and the peaceful reign of King Jaehaerys.

What does it mean for Daemon to sing to Vermithor?

The future of House of the Dragon is affected by a number of potential meanings and motives associated with Daemon singing to a dragon. In terms of character, it contributes to the further development of Daemon’s more erratic tendencies. From his relationship with Caraxes to his role in obtaining Syrax’s dragon eggs to his current singing to Vermithor, Daemon is essentially portrayed as one with the dragons, more so than anyone else. In differing degrees, Viserys and Daenerys from Game of Thrones have used the Targaryen persona as a “dragon,” but never to this degree. Uncertain of its actual meaning, Daemon’s High Valyrian dragon song probably has two objectives.

One is for Vermithor to reestablish his social standing, as he hasn’t had a rider since the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen (who has been dead for around 30 years). Similar to this, Vermithor is likely being promised by Daemon that he would soon acquire a new rider, setting up events that will occur later in House of the Dragon. Since Daemon believes that dragons will help them win the upcoming war, it makes it logical for him to be hunting for riders for the other dragons owned by the House of the Dragon. At least one of the terms in the phrase has a High Valyrian pronunciation that is similar to “new” (arlie). It’s conceivable that Daemon learned about the song via something he overheard his grandpa, Jaehaerys, doing with Vermithor. In any case, he did read extensively in Pentos and could have learned the information there.

Who is Vermithor Dragon and Who is Ride Vermithor?

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