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House Of The Dragon: What Happened To Jacaerys Velaryon? Is he alive? Jace’s Fate 

House of the Dragon-- Episode 10 recap-

Game of Thrones spin-off season finale set up the Targaryen Civil War. Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and her sons Jacaerys (Harry Collett) and Lucerys (Elliot Grihault) were thrust into the conflict. Rhaeyrna quickly opposed the usurping greens after learning of Aegon II’s (Tom-Glynn Carney) coronation. Rhaenyra sought assistance from throughout the realm rather than fighting. She sent her eldest son Jace to the Vale and Winterfell to seek allegiance. In HOTD Episode 1, the Starks vowed devotion to a teenage Rhaenyra, as the finale claimed. What Happened To Jacaerys Velaryon? Is he alive? (tvacute.com) Here is what is known about Jace’s Fate.

In House of the Dragon: What happened to Lucerys? Is he dead?

What Happened To Jacaerys Velaryon in the Season finale? is he alive?

Rhaenys makes it plain that as long as Aegon is in charge, their grandchildren Jacerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey will never be secure. The death of his brother Lucerys signals Jacaerys Velaryon may be in danger in House of the Dragon’s season 1 finale. The Iron Throne makes House Targaryen a bigger target in Westeros. As the blacks and greens struggle for the crown, the Targaryens dread their lives more than ever. Jacaerys Velaryon is secure in House of the Dragon, but no character is.  After being dispatched to Storm’s End as a messenger, Rhaenyra Targaryen’s son Lucerys Velaryon is killed by Aemond, announcing that the Dance of the Dragons has begun and no one is safe.

Aemond Targaryen avenged his decade-long enmity with Lucerys at Storm’s End. Aemond solely desired Lucerys’ eye in House of the Dragon’s season 1 finale. Vhagar bit Lucerys and Arrax after Aemond lost control. Aemond didn’t know Lucerys was going to Storm’s End, therefore Jacaerys isn’t in danger.  Aemond was the only green to fly his dragon to defend Aegon, therefore Jacaerys will not be assaulted like Lucerys in House of the Dragon. Aemond, Helaena, and Aegon Targaryen are the only green dragonriders. Due to Borros Baratheon’s pride, their alliance, and a marriage proposal, Aemond had to journey to Storm’s End. Instead of dragonriders, the greens will send ravens. In House of the Dragon, Jace won’t face the greens at the Vale of Arryn or Winterfell.

Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, like his younger brother, is using Vermax to recruit Great Houses for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. In House of the Dragon season 2, Jace’s quest may be complicated since Lucerys was attacked at Storm’s End. Jace will to the Vale to appeal to Lady Jeyne Arryn, Rhaenyra’s mother Aemma’s cousin. Rhaenyra’s heir will journey north to Winterfell to meet with faithful Lord Cregan Stark. Unlike Lucerys, Jacaerys’ experience in the Vale and Winterfell will benefit House of the Dragon’s black party.

What Takes Place With Jacaerys in the Arryn Valley

In House of the Dragon, the Arryns greet Jacaerys better than Tyrion Lannister did at the Eyrie. In Fire & Blood, Lady Jeyne Arryn supports Jacaerys, but her demands vary. One sensational source claimed Jeyne informed Prince Jacaerys Velaryon he could have her backing if he could satisfy her sexually, while another narrator disputes this. The most plausible narrative is that Jeyne Arryn warned Jace that as a woman whose authority has been questioned, she must stick with Rhaenyra and other women in this world of men. As Rhaenyra’s mother Aemma Arryn’s cousin, Jeyne Arryn supported her too. According to Fire & Blood, Jeyne gave the blacks her knights if Rhaenyra sent dragons and dragonriders to defend the Vale. Jeyne and her warriors kneel before Jacaerys after he accepts. After seeing the Vale in House of the Dragon, Jace travels north to White Harbor and makes a deal with House Manderly to marry Rhaenyra’s son Joffrey to Lord Desmond’s youngest daughter after the war. Jacaerys reaches Winterfell after this expedition.

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