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House of the Dragon Episode 9 Recap ‘The Green Council’ Rhaenys’ dragon ride

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House of the Dragon Episode 9 Recap: In the dramatic penultimate part of the first season of the Game of Thrones prequel, the city of Kings Landing is in the midst of a period of mourning. The sick King Viserys, played by Paddy Considine, has passed away, and the bickering has already begun, even before his body has been laid to rest. The question now is who will rule Westeros: the king’s chosen heir, his first-born daughter Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy), who is now married to her uncle Daemon (Matt Smith); or the king’s repulsive son, Aegon (Tom Glenn-Carney), whom no one genuinely feels is qualified to wear the crown.  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in the House of the Dragon Episode 9 Recap continue reading at tvacute.com.

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House of the Dragon Episode 9 Recap

Talya, Alicent’s handmaiden, awakens her in the middle of the night in the Red Keep to break the news of the king’s passing. He informed me he wants Aegon to be king, she reports as she sobs, gets dressed, and dashes to her father’s rooms. They convene the small council and inform its members of the situation. “Viserys left us a gift,” he said. He expressed to the queen, with his last breath, his dying request that his son Aegon replace him as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Otto relates. Alicent quickly understands that this appears to officially launch a scheme that she was not previously aware of. King Lyman Aegon’s ascent to the Iron Throne has been dubbed a “treasonous” scheme by Beesbury, who was also not read in. He shouts that the council has committed regicide and continues to shout until Ser Criston comes up from behind and rams his head on the table, crushing his temple on the marble ball in front of him and instantly killing him. Only a quick word from the queen diffuses the situation after Ser Harrold pulls his sword and orders the younger knight to put down his cloak and weapon; yet, Harrold continues to give Cole the beetle brow for the remainder of the play.

Everyone settles down as if Beesbury’s fractured skull isn’t dripping a sticky puddle onto the table because Otto Hightower won’t let anyone leave or enter the room until they’ve reached an understanding. Otto claims that Rhaenyra and her family will be given the chance to publicly swear allegiance to Aegon and that they will need to be imprisoned to prevent them from rallying support for their cause. But Alicent is aware that they are unwilling to budge. Tyland Lannister questions what she thinks they should do instead, and Alicent is stumped as she stands and declares angrily that the king wouldn’t want his daughter dead. Otto then gives Ser Harrold the order to “be quick and be clean” as he leads his knights to Dragonstone.

Otto has gathered those who had promised allegiance to Rhaenyra, and he has instructed them to swear allegiance to the new king. The majority do, but those who don’t are dragged away to a terrible fate as Larys Strong watches. Later, after turning in a lord who had second thoughts about swearing allegiance to Aegon and was prepared to inform Rhaenyra of what was happening, Larys informs Otto that his time spent with the queen may also be advantageous for the Hand of the King himself. Oh my, there’s a new issue: Nobody is aware of Aegon’s whereabouts. Sers Erryk and Arryk Cargyll are sent after the young man by Otto, who tells them to bring him to him and not to Alicent. Ser Criston also tells Alicent about this plot, and she instructs him to track down Aegon and bring him to her. Following the knight is Aemond. Talya and a number of other servants are being held in the dungeon, while Rhaenys is mysteriously imprisoned in her apartments.

Aegon’s tastes are “less discriminating,” according to the proprietor of one of the businesses on the Street of Silk, where Criston and Aemond go. Aemond declares to them while they are looking that he should be king since he is the one who studies history, practises with weapons, and rides the largest dragon in the world. Arryk and Erryk are also seeking, and they eventually find a place where 10-year-olds are made to fight one other. They notice a young child sitting in the corner with golden hair; undoubtedly, the youngster is Aegon’s bastard. One of the twins remarks, “One of many, I’d wager.” They eventually come across a young lady who claims to know someone who can direct them to Aegon, but only for a fee.

House of the Dragon Episode 9 recap- Sonoya-

Mysaria, whom Otto calls “The White Worm” when they first meet in town, turns out to be that someone. When she reveals that she already knows the king has died, he is surprised. Demands a halt to “the cruel usage of children in Flea Bottom” in exchange for information on Aegon’s location. Apparently, the Gold Cloaks permit the kiddie combat, etc., and the Crown does nothing to stop it. Following Mysaria’s tip, Arryk and Erryk find the prince, who is hiding out in a sept under the altar and VERY ANGRY about being caught. They drag the man outdoors. and confront Criston and Aemond head-on with drawn blades. Aemond eventually triumphs over his sibling, who cries and kicks like a toddler under his control. Aegon begs Aemond to let him leave and never return, and it appears that he is considering doing so, but when Criston says that Alicent is waiting, that’s it.

Alicent visits a furious Rhaenys in her apartments after the body of Viserys has been prepared for burial. The Queen That Never Was learns the king is dead and immediately deduces. Alicent struggles to persuade House Velaryon to switch sides and support Aegon. By suggesting that Rhaenys should have become queen “by blood and by temperament,” she flatters Rhaenys. She draws on their shared experience when she says,. However, Rhaenys turns the tables, declaring Alicent to be more knowledgeable than she had anticipated and hustling, “Have you never envisioned yourself on the Iron Throne?” The queen walks away without responding, telling Rhaenys to ring the bell when she has made a decision. After Aegon is captured and his mother has the almost-king in her grip, Alicent tells her father that she will present Rhaenyra with conditions that she can accept without embarrassment or physical harm. He cautions that if she survives, her allies will gather behind her flags in anticipation of her reappearance. The intricacies of the ascension are rattled off by the queen while she ignores him. Ser Criston will take over as Kingsguard’s Lord Commander. At daybreak, Aegon will be ordained in front of the entire King’s Landing. He will wield Blackfyre as a sword and wear Ageon I’s crown. He responds, “As you desire,” when she exits.

She goes back to her quarters for a much-needed rest, but she’s not thrilled to see Larys waiting for her with a question about how Otto discovered Aegon so swiftly. The Red Keep is home to a network of spies. News of all our activities spreads via its threads. Your father has left it in place because he is aware of this, he claims. She removes her shoes and props up her stockinged feet on the table as he speaks, briefly drawing my attention away. But he pauses when she asks for the names of those on the internet. He stares at her naked feet with a fair bit of lust till she takes off her hose and reveals them. Ah, so that is the situation.

Talya, her lady-in-waiting, is one of the “little spiders,” according to Larys, and there are others just like her. She recognises that he is offering to take out the main player in order to break up the rumour network.. she turns away in accordance with what I can only assume is a pre-arranged agreement between them. She looks annoyed at once again being a woman of power who still has to deal with the whims of disgusting men. Aegon is then seen licking some glistening sauce off his plate with a slice of bread as he waits for the dawn, in one of the worst cuts since Samwell Tarly first began working in the Citadel. Sam, I’ll say: Dry heaving! Less tranquilly may be found in Rhaenys’ apartments, where Erryk Cargyll lowers her guard and unlocks the door while requesting that she accompany him. He wants to get her to Blackwater Bay and onto a ship before anyone realises she’s gone, but their plans are foiled when the citizens of the city are collected up and led to the location where Aegon will be formally crowned king.

As the multitude gathers at the great sept, Otto declares Viserys’ passing and his final request that Aegon succeeds him. There is some applause before the platinum-haired jackass enters amid much hype. The crowd takes a while to clap when the new king’s empty, little head is covered with a crown. But soon, when he draws his sword and raises it in triumph, their cheers intensify and reach a peak.

House of the Dragon Episode 9 Recap: Ending  Rhaenys’ dragon ride

All of that, however, abruptly comes to an end when a dragon soars into the sept and begins destroying everyone in its path by slamming, stamping, chewing, and generally wrecking havoc. After all, it was one of her companions, Rhaenys, who stole the show by riding the dragon Meleys to Aegon’s coronation ceremony (after eluding arrest). She did not murder Alicent, Otto, or the new King, but she did make her presence known and convey a pretty strong message: King’s Landing will proceed down this path on its own, with little help. Rhaenys is riding it, Eventually, the new king, his mother, and the rest of the household are left for Rhaenys and her beast to confront. As she waits for the High Valyrian command that would convert them into crispy creatures, Alicent approaches Aegon and bends her head. But rather than punishing them, the Queen That Never Was simply commands her mount to shout at them furiously. Rhaenys (Eve Best) throws Alicent a sharp glance before turning and taking off into the vast, uncharted expanse of space despite the dragon’s loud noises and mouth opening.



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