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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7: Simone’s Dilemma

Grey's Anatomy 20x07

In the next Grey’s Anatomy, Season 20 Episode 7, called “She Used to Be Mine,” there are a lot of problems and disagreements among the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital because they are facing new problems.

The interns are given a strict choice by Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). A complicated case brings up painful memories for one of the doctors. The show looks like it will go deep into both the personal and professional lives of our favorite characters since Richard thinks Winston is avoiding him. The episode’s synopsis gives away a taste of how emotionally heavy the plot is, indicating that Simone’s past will play a big part in the episode.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7 Preview

The preview for the show hints at a tough case involving a pregnant woman. While the interns are taking care of her, they see that she is already 4 cm dilated and needs a C-section right away. But things go wrong when the pregnant woman starts bleeding from her nose, which is a sign of a very bad situation. As the woman’s situation gets worse and the tension rises.

When time is of the essence, Dr. Bailey calls for help from Dr. Simone Griffin (Alexis Floyd). Griffin is worried that Bailey’s procedure log isn’t complete, but Bailey says that saving the patient’s life is the most important thing. This shows how high the stakes are and how much pressure the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are under.

Grey’s Anatomy 20×07 Synopsis- An unexpectedly complex case brings back painful memories for Simone. Jules and Blue make a high-stakes bet on who can finish their procedure log first. Richard suspects Winston is avoiding him.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 20, Episode7 Release Date

Grey’s Anatomy S20E07 will return on May 9, 2024, at 9/8c for its series premiere on ABC.. Live TV streaming services such as Fubo TVHulu+Live TV, and YouTube TV TV allow viewers without a cable or satellite TV subscription to continue watching ABC online. Do you value having access to TV episodes whenever you like? Hulu always has the latest episodes available because they are uploaded the day after they first air on TV. New episodes of presently aired programs are also exclusive to Disney Plus in the UK. Vudu, Apple iTunesAmazon Prime Video, and Google Play all sell or rent episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 6 Recap

In Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 6 Catherine shows her power by pushing Link and Monica to come up with a new way to fix a VIP patient’s remaining limb. At the same time, Bailey is tired from playing so many parts. Here is a full summary of the episode:

At the start of the show, Link and Amelia have a fight over Scout’s screen time. Meanwhile, Helm finds out that Mika is mad that her girlfriend kept her away from an impalement case. Catherine sees Richard taking another day off to do paperwork, and Bailey brings wellness kits to the workers. The interns, on the other hand, want to finish their logbooks more. Blue thinks Simone told Bailey what he said on the roof, but Miranda tells them to go home. In a strange way, they start to value Bailey’s kindness after Blue cooks them a meal.

After Link and Monica check out Catherine’s VIP friends’ daughter Missy, they suggest a revision of the remaining limb. Cate tells them they need to come up with something more interesting or their pay will go down when gifts go down. Link comes up with a dangerous plan, and Missy and her family agree to it with Beltran’s help. A problem comes up during surgery, and Link has to take out more of Missy’s leg. Link gets Catherine and Missy’s father to go ahead with the surgery, even though he has doubts.

At the same time, Richard and Lucas say that a patient named Dorian is weak and wants to go home. When Dorian starts throwing up blood, Richard steps in to help. Monica says no when Levi asks her to help him get a fellowship in pediatrics. Teddy and Mika are taking care of a prisoner named Jimenez, who has sores all over his insides. Jimenez decides not to get treatment, which makes Teddy think about whether or not to believe patients’ decisions.

Bailey talks to Owen about how tired she is at the end of the episode, Blue reassures Simone about how strong he is, and Monica pushes Levi to show more passion for pediatrics. Before Jimenez goes back to jail, Mika gives him a piece of coffee cake. Catherine makes fun of Amelia by telling her about Richard, and Helm says sorry to Mika. Lucas is told by Taryn that her girlfriend is getting closer to coming back to the OR. Bailey and Ben take care of themselves in the tub, and Lucas sees Blue going into the intern house.

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