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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 8 “Blood, Sweat and Tears” Preview

Grey's Anatomy 20x08

“The upcoming episode is called “Blood, Sweat, and Tears,” of Grey’s Anatomy and it shows Owen and Teddy dealing with a medical issue on their day off. While hiking, they come across a citizen who is hurt and have to react quickly to provide emergency medical care.

At the same time, Monica Beltran asks Amelia for help with a tricky surgery involving a child named Emmy. The two doctors work together to get through the difficult parts of the process. People who watch the show will likely learn more about Emmy’s condition and how the hospital staff is trying to help her.

When the interns get back to the hospital, they finish their operation logs, which is a big step that lets them back into the operating room. They worked hard and didn’t give up, and now they can take part in surgeries again. This shows that they have grown and are committed to their medical jobs.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 8 Preview

At the beginning of the video, Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) talks to interns and says, “You went back to basics, work together, and you’re ready to moved forward.” This points to a big change in the way the hospital staff works together, which could mean that they are getting along again or trying a new way to work as a team. Dr. Beltran is also shown in the promo. He is seen talking to Caroline, Dr. Millan, and a girl named Emmy.

During a climbing trip, Gravely hurts himself and cuts his leg. Owen thinks about sliding down to help, but Teddy tells him not to because he could hurt himself more. Owen understands that Gravely’s life could be in danger, which makes the situation very dangerous.

Grey’s Anatomy 20×08 Synopsis – Owen and Teddy have the day off but encounter an injured civilian. Monica enlists Amelia’s help with an operation on a young patient. The interns complete their procedure logs, allowing them back into the OR.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 20, Episode 8 Release Date

Grey’s Anatomy S20E08 will return on May 16, 2024, at 9/8c for its series premiere on ABC.. Live TV streaming services such as Fubo TVHulu+Live TV, and YouTube TV TV allow viewers without a cable or satellite TV subscription to continue watching ABC online. Do you value having access to TV episodes whenever you like? Hulu always has the latest episodes available because they are uploaded the day after they first air on TV. New episodes of presently aired programs are also exclusive to Disney Plus in the UK. Vudu, Apple iTunesAmazon Prime Video, and Google Play all sell or rent episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7 Recap

The episode shows Blue and Jules fighting to finish their to-do lists. Lucas finished his last week. At the same time, Simone is dealing with the emotional effects of her grandma moving into an assisted living facility, Mika’s van breaking down, and Dorian finally leaving the ICU.

As the day goes on at Grey Sloan, Teddy sees that Owen is acting distant and wonders if he has said something to Amelia. Amelia tells Teddy that nothing has been said, though. In the emergency room, Jillian and Cassandra, a couple who were in a minor accident, say they’ve been having an affair for two years. This leads to an unexpected medical finding about a birth defect caused by whiplash.

While Simone is taking care of a patient named Miles, Lauren, Miles’s pregnant wife, starts having contractions. Lauren thinks it’s just Braxton-Hicks, but Jo finds out she’s actually going into labor. But problems appear during the C-section, making things difficult for Bailey and Simone, reminding Griffith of his own mother’s death during childbirth.

At the same time, Winston has a weird experience with a nurse, which makes Richard tell him to go on dates and have fun. Things get worse for Dorian’s health, and he needs to have another surgery and go back to the ICU. This makes Lucas and Yasuda angry about how Dorian is being treated.

Throughout the show, Blue and Jules bet on everything from drinks to dinner to wine pairings. Because Simone is having a hard time, she gets drunk at Joe’s. Bailey steps in and takes her home. Simone thinks about what happened to her mother and sees how important it is to not ignore the pain of patients.

At the end of the show, Owen tells Teddy that he’s afraid of losing her, which leads to a touching moment between the two. Jo faces the truth about Lauren’s state and chooses to focus on OB because she thinks she may have missed something important in her care.

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