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FBI Season 6: Did Trevor Hobbs Die? Is Roshawn Franklin Leaving the FBI?

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As Season 6 of FBI starts with a bang, the team is investigating a terrible bus bombing planned by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. One figure Roshawn Franklin’s Special Agent Trevor Hobbs is an information analyst and an important part of the team. One burning question – Is Trevor Hobbs Dead? Here is the answer.

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Did Trevor Hobbs Die? What Did Happen to Him?

“All the Rage,” the first episode of Season 6 of FBI, shocked fans with the death of Special Agent Trevor Hobbs. The episode was mostly about a bus bombing in the city that killed 10 people and was carried out by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. Hobbs was killed during a sting operation to catch the group’s boss. The team was devastated by his death, especially Special Agent Tiffany Wallace (Katherine Renee Kane), who was with him during the operation.

“The consequences of this tragedy will linger throughout the season,” Eid said to Parade. It makes one of our characters feel bad that this person died. These anger and guilt feelings will keep coming back all season.

The first time Hobbs got involved was in Season 2’s “The Lives of Others.” He was a special agent and an intelligence officer. He was a reliable member of the Joint Operations Center’s team and helped out in any way that was asked of him, right up to his last task.

Is Roshawn Franklin Leaving the FBI?

Trevor Hobbs died in the first episode of Season 6, Roshawn Franklin, who plays him But as of right now, there is no public confirmation that Franklin has left the FBI. Franklin has said that he loves playing and wants to make a living in dramas and action movies. So that fans can keep seeing Franklin on screen, his character may show up in flashbacks or other storylines as the season goes on.

Who is Roshawn Franklin?

A talented actor named Roshawn Franklin was born on June 27. He is best known for his part as Special Agent Trevor Hobbs in the FBI. Franklin started playing when he was young and quickly became well-known in the business. He was born in Los Angeles. Franklin read for other Dick Wolf shows before getting the part on FBI, which showed how talented and versatile he was.

Besides his work on TV, Franklin has also been in movies. For example, he played a part in “What Men Want” with Taraji P. Henson. Franklin has said that he wants to be an actor like Denzel Washington and focus on dramas and action movies that keep people interested and let him show off his skills.

In his spare time, Franklin likes to box and has just started a YouTube account. He also gives money to the Boys and Girls Club, which shows that he wants to help his neighborhood. Franklin wants to become a series regular on a network TV show and keep looking for movie parts in the next five years.

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