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Fargo Season 5 Finale: What Happened To Dot?

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The fifth season of Fargo is full of tension and unexpected turns, and the most exciting episode is the tenth one, called “Bisquik.” The story of crime, betrayal, and justice this season. There is a web of lies and danger that ensnares the main characters, especially Dot Lyon (Juno Temple). The show takes you on a trip through the middle of America to look at themes like debt, forgiveness, and the results of your actions. What happened to Dot? That’s the burning question that Season 5 of Fargo leaves us with, especially in its thrilling end.

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Fargo Season 5: What Happened To Dot?

Dot Lyon, who used to go by the name Nadine, becomes a major character in Fargo Season 5. She fights both her abusive ex-husband, Sheriff Roy Tillman  (Jon Hamm), and her criminal husband. As Dot tries to get away from Roy, the season comes to a dramatic end. A military force swoops in to arrest Roy Tillman in the second-to-last episode, ending his time as the constitutional sheriff of Stark County.

Dot shoots Roy because she thinks he is one of his goons, she shoots him in the stomach but when she gets there, she finds that the FBI is already there because Roy’s son Gator betrayed him. Gator has been loyal all season, but when he feels ignored and left in the snow, he turns on his father. In the finale, the Tillman Ranch turns into a battlefield where important people die, such as Roy’s father-in-law and Dot’s guardian, Witt Farr.

After Roy is caught, Lorraine and Olmstead want to get even with him by doing more than just locking him up.  Lorraine uses her power to trick the justice system into rejecting Roy’s appeals and setting up a fund to make his life miserable in jail. After a year has passed, we learn that Lorraine (Jennifer Jason Leigh) visited Roy in prison and revealed her role in the decision to reject his appeals.

In the last episode, Ole Munch  (Sam Spruell), a hired killer comes back into Dot’s life. However, unlike Chigurh, Munch goes through a major change. Munch changes his mind after hearing Dot’s kind speech about forgiveness. This shows how the season is exploring the themes of debt and forgiveness.

At the end of the season, Dot, who has started a new life, lets Ole Munch into her home. The season finale sends a strong message that runs through the whole fifth season of Fargo: bad people should pay their bills, but good people should be forgiven.

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