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[Season Finale] Fargo Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

Fargo Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

Here is the exciting finale of Fargo Season 5 Episode 10, Noah Hawley’s brilliant crime anthology.  With a battle and a lot of reckoning, the great fifth season of Fargo comes to an end. In this exciting ending, we see the siege at Sheriff Roy Tillman’s ranch going on, the stakes are higher than ever. People used to think of Sheriff Tillman as the personification of law and order. But now he shows his darker side, which sets off a chain of events. There are sad, funny, and spiritual moments all woven together. Come with me as we look at what happened after this intense battle, where chaos and bloodshed meet Dot/Nadine’s (Tillman’s kidnapped first wife) desperate search for freedom. As we say goodbye to the people we’ve grown to love, Fargo once again shows why it is the best crime anthology show ever.

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Fargo Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

As the story begins, Gator is blind and can only see what he is doing. He stumbles and whimpers until he finds a hut and uses his hands to find his way down a long path. He comes out of an escape hatch just outside of Roy’s land, where the police and a SWAT team are getting ready to fight Roy and his thugs. Roy’s father-in-law makes fun of him for putting up with weak women and kids… “Rat in hell, you piece of s–t,” Roy yells as he cuts the old man’s throat.

Dot walked up to Sheriff Roy Tillman on the front porch with a shotgun and started shooting at him. but then the police show up and tell Dot to drop her gun.  As raiding police closed in on Tillman Ranch, the gunfight continued. Tillman got away. Dot saved Deputy Witt Farr’s life in an earlier episode, so he followed Tillman into the dugout tunnels under the land. The fight between Tillman and Witt finished tragically when Tillman stabbed Witt and killed him. The story then skips ahead a year to show Dot visiting Witt’s grave with her daughter Scotty and Indira Olmstead.

We jump ahead a year and see Scotty and Dot putting flowers on Witt’s grave. We find out that Indira is also there and is taking care of Witt’s cat. Telling Dot that he had six sisters makes her say, “That’s why he was so nice.” Roy, who is in federal jail for a long time, is not so nice, though. Lorraine goes to see him to put the knife in him. She tells him that she knows a lot of judges and that he shouldn’t get his hopes up about an appeal.

He says he likes how simple things are in jail, but she tells him his “real punishment” is about to start. She set up a fund to help all the men in this jail pay off their debts except Roy. “I want you to feel everything your wife has felt.” Every hit. For every shame. Fear.” On her way out, she gives him a single pack of cigarettes and says, “These might come in handy.”

At the same time, Dot and Scotty come home with sour cream to make chili. When they get there, they find Wayne and Ole Munch sitting in the living room. Ole says that he and Dot still need to talk, but Wayne just greets him warmly like he’s a surprise visitor and gets him an orange soda. “The debt must be paid,” Ole says. “But what if you can’t?” asks Dot. Wouldn’t it be nicer to say that the loan should be forgiven?

Shouldn’t that be who we are?” That’s why she tells Ole that he can help and wash up if he wants to stay. As they work together in the kitchen to make biscuits, Dot tells him that she knows he lost some money and a partner, but that he chose to do this. She is also a mom, and his mom would do anything to get back to him if they were apart, right?

They all sit down at the table and eat chili and bread. As they eat, Scotty says grace and everyone holds hands. Ole starts a long, fancy speech about how he used to eat fleas on the moors before rowing across the sea while being “frightened all the time.” He had to eat sour sins because he was hungry. Now he can’t age or die, and he has no more dreams: “All that is left is sin.” However, Dot tells him with a smile, “You need to eat something made with love and joy and forgive yourself.” She gives him a cookie, and Ole bites into it. He is so happy that his eyes close, and he breaks out in a big smile.

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