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1923 Episode 5 Release Date: Is there a new episode Tonight?

1923 Episode 3 Recap

Everyone’s attention is undoubtedly being drawn to the Yellowstone spin-off that features an A-list cast. but it is swiftly becoming a hit among viewers of Western dramas. In the episode, fourth Harrison Ford’s character, Jacob Dutton, survived the gunshot that took place in the Yellowstone prequel. Fans of 1923 were eagerly anticipating the fifth episode because they wanted to know whether Spencer (played by Brandon Sklenar) would come back to his family to save them. tvacute.com has all of the information that you require regarding the resumption of the Paramount series.

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1923 Episode 5 Release Date: Is there a new episode Today?

 The fifth episode of the series is going to be released on Paramount+ on Sunday, February 5, at three in the morning Eastern Time. After that, the show will go on hiatus for a few weeks. The next episode of the show will not be available on the streaming site in the United Kingdom until the 6th of February, so viewers there will have to be patient.

Why was 1923 Episode 5 So Late?

It is unknown what caused the show to go off the air, although it is not unusual for Paramount Network shows like Yellowstone to take a vacation in the middle of the season. Given that there are eight episodes in the first season of 1923, it is only logical for the show to pause for a few episodes exactly halfway through the season.  The upcoming has not yet been given a name, and it is currently unknown how long it will be. But you can watch the 1923 episode 5 trailer below.


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