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Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 3 Recap: Fear No Evil

In the most recent episode of “Blue Bloods,” Season 14 Episode 3, one of Treat Williams‘ last acts before his tragic death last June was shown. Williams, who is known for his versatility as an actor, played Lenny Ross, a troubled former NYPD officer who used to work with Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, the commissioner of the NYPD.

The episode was mostly about Frank Reagan dealing with the death of his friend Lenny, who told him that he was dying of cancer linked to 9/11. Because he wants to honor Williams, Frank chooses to help Tess, Lenny’s daughter, who was jailed (played by Simone Policano). Frank’s commitment to helping Tess shows how close he is to Lenny. It also shows how 9/11 affected first responders and the themes of friendship, loyalty, and those things.

Jamie, played by Will Estes, works with his nephew Joe Hill, played by Will Hochman, to help a trafficking victim get back together with her sister in other parts of Reagan territory. The plot shows how much the Reagans care about family and justice as they work together to fix a mistake and give those touched by crime closure.

But things aren’t always easy in the Reagan family. For example, Erin, played by Bridget Moynihan, is at odds with her brother Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg. When Erin uses Danny’s informant in secret for one of her cases, it causes problems between her brothers. This shows how complicated family relationships can be and how hard it can be to balance personal and professional boundaries. Read full recap below.

Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the show, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), is still dealing with the death of his best friend Lenny from cancer. Frank has a hard time accepting that Lenny has died, especially after learning that Tess Ross, Lenny’s daughter, is in jail for an argument she had while drunk. Being a Police Commissioner is hard for Frank, and he also wants to help Tess when she needs it.

Also, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and his nephew Joe Hill (Will Hochman) are in a race against time to get a woman who was trafficked back to her sister. Maria, the victim, escaped an attempt on her life, but she is fighting for her life in the hospital. Joe is eager to keep his promise to Maria and find Carla, Maria’s sister, who she thinks has been trafficked.

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) are getting more angry with each other as Joe and Jamie work together to solve the case. When Erin uses Danny’s source, Bugs, in an investigation without telling him, Danny and his sister get into a fight. Danny is still upset about Bugs’ brother’s death and doesn’t trust him again, but Erin thinks he can help them with their case.

The Reagan family will go to great lengths to protect and help each other, which is the episode’s main message. Even though they have differences, the Reagan family is committed to doing what’s right and helping the people of New York City.


Frank’s story in this show is especially moving because he is still dealing with the loss of his best friend. People on his team don’t like that he left Tess in jail overnight as a form of tough love. They think he should have shown her more compassion. It can be hard to balance personal feelings with professional duties, as Frank’s inner battle shows.

Another great thing about the episode is how Jamie and Joe work together to get Maria back with her sister. It shows how determined and clever they are. Jamie’s gut feeling and Joe’s street smarts work well together, and they make a big discovery in the case.

Also, Danny’s disagreement with Erin adds to the episode’s tension and shows how complicated their relationship is as brothers and coworkers. Danny’s failure to let go of his doubts about Bugs pays off when Bugs helps them solve a big case and proves his loyalty.

In the end, the Reagan family comes together to help each other. As a sign of peace, Frank reaches out to Tess and invites her to Sunday dinner. The episode ends on a hopeful note by showing how close the Reagan family is and how much they care about doing what’s right.

In general, “Fear No Evil” is an interesting episode that shows how the Reagan family deals with personal and business problems. It shows how hard it is to be a police officer and how important family is during the hardest times in life.

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