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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Ending Explained: Is Lalo dead?

As Better Call Saul returns for its last six episodes, the tension won’t be easing anytime soon. The beginning of “Point and Shoot” gives a sneak preview of Howard Hamlin’s (Patrick Fabian) demise at Lalo Salamanca’s hands and he was clutching the murder weapon. But let’s go back a step first. The strategy devised by Jimmy and Kim was successful. They degraded Howard and probably forced an early resolution of the Sandpiper case, even if it would mean Jimmy’s portion of the spoils will now bring in less money for Kim’s nascent company. But that wasn’t really the objective of the couple’s vicious vendetta against him, as Howard pointed out in his big, final, truth-dropping speech in the mid-season finale. He was tortured by both of them for entertainment. Let’s start Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 Recap to find out Is Lalo dead?

Is Lalo a character in Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Ending Explained: Is Lalo dead?

Better Call Saul Final Part B premiere begins up where we left off, with Jimmy and Kim horrified and standing over Howard’s dead body as Lalo points a gun at them, after a cryptic opening that shows a shoe washing up on a beach with footprints leading to Howard’s car sitting in the sand. Jimmy claims he never revealed anything to Lalo, but Lalo doesn’t seem to care. Jimmy receives a set of automobile keys and a destination to drive to. He continues, “There’s a camera and a loaded revolver in the glove box.” Jimmy is to drive to that address, get out, get the gun, approach the door, and shoot the man who answers it. He is to continue pulling the trigger until the gun is empty. Additionally, he requests photographic evidence because the man he is shooting kind of resembles a librarian and is therefore not a danger. Is he referring to Gus? Clearly

Jimmy immediately enters bargaining mode and suggests that he send Kim instead, as she is more likely to have the door opened for her. Lalo refuses because she seems too smart for him, but Jimmy insists, and he and Kim argue over it so much that Lalo gives in to stop them from talking. The clock is ticking, Mrs. Goodman,” he says as he gives Kim an hour to do the task and report back. Lalo ties Jimmy up with zip ties as she departs and informs him about Nacho and Gustavo’s attempt on his life. He wants to discover what Jimmy knows because Jimmy is someone he knows knew Nacho, but Jimmy claims to be innocent. Lalo then gags him and cranks up the TV to full volume to block out his calls for rescue. Jimmy tries to free himself, but all he succeeds in doing is knocking himself to the ground, where he finds a dead Howard.

Kim stops at a red light next to a police cruiser as she drives Lalo’s car to Gus’ house, but she says nothing. When she arrives at Gus’, she takes the revolver out of the glove box before approaching the door and rings the bell. However, the person who answers the door takes the gun and drags her inside before she has a chance to fire. The people who seat her down and listen to her account of Lalo ordering her there to kill are Mike and his henchmen; however, they have a Gus impersonator there in place of the real one.

Mike is the target of Kim’s wrath. While he leads two men to Jimmy’s condo, Mike leaves two men behind to guard Gus, who is camped out in a safe area of the home. A car full of goons also departs the washing facility. Lalo is waiting nearby and will enter when it is safe to do so.  When Gus asks Kim for a conversation, she explains that Lalo attempted to send Jimmy but that Jimmy dissuaded him. Along with two other men, Gus also departs the residence on an unidentified errand. When Mike and his guys arrive at Jimmy’s, he informs them that Lalo left immediately following Kim.

Is Lalo dead in Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8?

As soon as Gus enters the laundry facility, gunfire breaks out, and Lalo rapidly eliminates all of his guards. We learn that Gus is on his way there. He records a video for Don Eladio while holding a gun on Gus to show him evidence that Gus has been constructing a meth lab behind his back. When Gus refuses to give him a tour as requested. Lalo shoots him in the chest to kill him. but Gus has body armor. Lalo is grudgingly brought down inside the lab by Gus, where she is amazed at how much meth they might produce there. Gus is prepared to shoot, but he first wants to express his true feelings for Don Eladio.

We notice a gun nearby as he launches into a lengthy tirade denouncing Don Eladio and the Salamancas. Suddenly, Gus causes a blackout. he took advantage of the extra time to turn off the lights by stomping his foot on a wire holding the lights, completely enveloping the two adversaries in darkness and allowing only the bullets they were firing blindly at one another to shine a light on them. After exchanging bullets, Lalo is gasping for air and bleeding from his mouth when Gus turns on the lights. as one of Gus’s bullets accidentally enters Lalo’s neck and causes him to bleed to death. Gus takes the bullet out of his body armor and throws it at him as he lets out one last laugh before passing away.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 Ending

He tells Lyle, one of his Los Pollos Hermanos employees, that he will be away from work all week due to a family issue, and that a doctor is on the way, as a henchman tends to his wound. Gus shouldn’t be fighting his own battles, according to Mike. As Mike and his crew carry in a brand-new refrigerator and use the box to transfer out Howard’s body, Jimmy and Kim embrace once more inside his condo. To make it appear like Howard committed suicide, they would set up Howard’s automobile with cocaine in the upholstery. You keep speaking the lie you’ve been saying, Mike urges Jimmy and Kim to tell the police that Howard came by that night, seemed high, and then left. He instructs Jimmy and Kim to continue with their regular activities. They concur, and Mike leaves for the lab while watching a crane create a sizable hole in the ground before placing Lalo and Howard’s remains side by side in it. Mike grabs Howard’s jewelry, wallet, shoes, and rings first though. He looks down at the bodies in the pit, conflicted and regretful, as the crane covers them up.

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