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Apple TV + Sugar Season 1 Episode 3 Photos “Shibuya Crossing”

Sugar eps 3-- Colin Farrell in the pool

Fans of Sugar can look forward to the next episode, “Shibuya Crossing,” which will likely have more drama as Melanie (Amy Ryan) and Sugar ( Colin Farrell) get into a dangerous situation that creates a new enemy.

Sugar is still looking for Olivia, but his friendship with Melanie puts them both in danger. The show will probably go into more detail about Melanie’s past and how she is connected to Olivia. This could lead to revelations that could change the investigation’s course.

Sugar will also meet up with old friends, but he has a feeling that some of them are hiding something. This makes me think that the show will be about how complicated loyalty and trust can be as Sugar tries to find her way in a world where everyone has their own plans.  Here are some exclusive photos from the episode, giving us a glimpse into the world of Sugar.

Look At Exclusive Photos of Sugar (S01xE03) “Shibuya Crossing”

  • Sugar S1, E3 Plot: Melanie and Sugar get caught in a dicey situation — and make a new enemy. Sugar reunites with old friends, but he senses some are keeping secrets.

The third episode of Sugar, called “Shibuya Crossing,” will be available on the streaming service on April 12, 2024.

What happened in Sugar Episodes 1 and 2?

The first episode of Sugar, called “Olivia,” starts in an unknown Asian country, where John Sugar saves a boy who has been stolen. A movie director named Jonathan Siegel (James Cromwell), who lives in Los Angeles, hires Sugar to find his missing granddaughter Olivia. Sugar starts to look into Olivia’s disappearance and finds signs in her apartment. She also meets her half-brother David (Nate Corddry) and his bodyguard Kenny (Alex Hernandez). Sugar’s investigation takes him to Melanie (Amy Ryan), a woman with ties to Olivia. At the end of the show, Sugar finds something shocking in Olivia’s car trunk.

The second episode of Sugar has more details about the investigation into Olivia Siegel’s missing. John Sugar learns more about Olivia’s troubled past. He finds out about her struggles with addiction and her attempts to change her life. Melanie Matthews comes up in his investigation as she has a link to Olivia that makes him suspicious. At the same time, Sugar’s personal life and work life become mixed up as he deals with complicated situations. Sugar finds new leads and possible suspects as the investigation goes on, which brings him closer to solving the puzzle of Olivia’s disappearance. In the second episode, Carl is killed off and it is revealed that the body in Olivia’s car is Clifford Carter.

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