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911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15: Guest Cast Chad Lowe

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15

Get ready for 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15, Carlos  (Rafael Silva) and Grace (Sierra McClain), both Austin police officers, work together to bust an illegal organ trafficking gang. Chad Lowe makes a cameo as Owen’s brother Robert, and the news he brings could have far-reaching consequences for the Strand clan. Information about when and where to watch the 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15 may be found on the website tvacute.com.

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When Will 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15 Air?

Episode 15 of Season 4 of“9-1-1: Lone Star”  will premiere on Fox.com on May 2, 2023, at 8/7c. Live airings of 9-1-1: Lone Star are available at these hours on the Fox Cable Network. The episode will be accessible to cable subscribers on Fox.com and the Fox Now app the day after it initially airs on television. The shows are also accessible through cord-cutting services like YouTube TVFuboTV, and DirecTV. Hulu will begin streaming episodes of the show soon after they premiere on their respective networks. Services that let you buy or rent episodes of TV series online are highlighted. Some popular examples include Apple TV, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

Hey, if you want some more information about 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15, take a look at the synopsis that can be found below.

9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 Episode 15 titled “Donors” promises to be an action-packed hour.  It’s the kind of episode Grace and Carlos fans have been waiting for. They are working together to shut down an illegal organ trafficking ring, and when the stakes reach too high for Grace, she goes to Carlos for support.  We also get an early glimpse at a critical emergency the team must deal with in this hour, as they try to save a passenger from a car crash. The call is difficult because of the fallout from the fire caused by the battery overheating. They’re going to require a lot of water, as Marjan points out. The culprit ran a red light when he was supposed to and triggered the whole disaster, according to one of the victims.

Before welcoming his brother, actor/director Chad Lowe, to his current employment as Capt. Owen Strand of the 216, co-starred with his son Owen in the fantastic Netflix comedy Unstable earlier this year. Rob Lowe‘s brother, Chad Lowe, will reprise his role as Robert Strand, Owen’s half-brother, later in the hour. As Robert arrives with some news, the men of the Strand family will sit down to a meal together.

911 Lone Star  Episode 4.15 Synopsis:  Grace and Carlos work together when they suspect a young woman was a victim of a black market organ trafficking ring; Owen’s brother Robert comes to visit and meet T.K., but surprises Owen with news that can affect the Strand family.

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