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911 Lone Star season 4 episode 16 Recap: Is Wyatt dead?

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In the latest episode of 9-1-1 Lone Star, Judd Ryder (Jim Parrack), and Tommy Vega’s familial bond is put to the ultimate test as they engage in a heated argument. In the latest episode, tensions rise as a disagreement on a call leads to a full-blown argument that engulfs the entire house. Will the team be able to resolve their differences and come together once again? Fortunately, Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) and TK Strand (Ronen Rubinstein) received positive updates about their health. However, Robert left Owen in a heart-wrenching predicament by the conclusion of the episode. (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of FOX‘s 911 Lone Star season 4 episode 16, in case you missed the episode.

911 Lone Star season 4 episode 16 Recap:

The episode begins with Robert wounding himself due to his tremors, Owen takes him to the hospital. Robert tells Owen that he has Huntington’s illness, but that he hasn’t told his daughter yet. His wife is aware, and they are making arrangements. If Owen discovers he carries the gene, he is encouraged to get tested.

The team responds to a big fire at a factory, and Tommy and the EMTs head in to get a man out of the building who is stuck in a machine. They’re still waiting for the other station to come. They tell them that it’s about to blow and everyone gets out. Tommy won’t leave because she’s trying to save the patient and won’t leave, so Judd goes back inside. She decides she wants to do a field amputation, so she cuts the person’s arm off, and they get out just before it explodes. Judd talks to Tommy about her defying his order. Things get tense between them when they disagree on how things went down. Asha shows up at the station to talk to Tommy about the fire, thinking it’s about the amputation, but it’s apparently because of her defying Judd, and she’s even angry.

Judd and Tommy’s constant jabs at each other during dinner make for an uncomfortable atmosphere. Tommy and Judd are arguing, and Grace and Trevor try to mediate, but they end up battling with one other instead. The teams become involved, protecting their captains as the fight escalates.

Is Judd’s son Wyatt dead?

The episode ends with Wyatt (Jackson Pace) getting run over by a car while cycling. He has brain swelling and broken vertebrae and is having spinal surgery. He lying on a hospital bed, hooked up to various machines. He’s just undergone spinal surgery that left him with swelling in his brain and multiple fractured vertebrae. Tommy (Gina Torres) delivers some unpleasant news to Judd, putting their earlier squabble into perspective. Previously on 126, tensions rose within the team as a disagreement between Judd and Tommy on a call led to a division between the firefighters and paramedics. Matters escalated when Judd called in HR to discipline Tommy, leading to a tragic turn of events. In a dramatic turn of events, the tension between the duo spilled over onto their significant others, leading to a disastrous double date. The evening culminated in a heated altercation that resulted in Judd, Tommy, Trevor, and Grace Ryder (Sierra Aylina McClain) being forcibly removed from a posh restaurant.

As the tension mounted, Owen delivered a glimmer of hope to a fretful TK: His test results came back negative for the Huntington’s gene, indicating that TK can breathe a sigh of relief as well. Just when we thought the characters could finally breathe a sigh of relief, the plot took a sharp turn. After a heartwarming episode of brotherly bonding, Robert revealed to Owen his plan to bring his spouse and kids to the #TarlosWedding for a long-awaited family introduction. In a dramatic turn of events, he revealed his plans to remain in Texas even after his family departs. Furthermore, he made a shocking request for Owen’s assistance in his final moments. Not a happy moment.

In another case of the week, a young kid named Quincy is distraught about the fact that his divorced parents are having a yard sale to get rid of their belongings. After the man finishes talking to him, he vanishes. Carlos arrives, and they discover Quincy hiding in a closet; however, he appears to be asleep from heat exhaustion. Grace instructs Carlos on how to perform CPR and cool him down. Carlos splashes him with icy lemonade from the neighbor’s stand.

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