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1923 Season 1 Cast: Meet the Cast

With the parent series being one of the most lauded and well-liked on television, 1923 is the third program to take place in the Yellowstone universe. It will air on Paramount+ on December 18 in the United States and Canada and on December 19 in the United Kingdom and Australia.  Here (tvacute.com)we have everything about the new and returning cast members.

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Who Plays Who in the 1923 Cast?

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton

One of the strongest TV casts may be found in 1923. Jacob Dutton, the ranch’s father, is portrayed by Harrison Ford in the show. Since landing the roles of Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels in the 1970s, Ford has established himself as one of the largest and highest-grossing movie stars. Ford has since worked in a wide range of genres, including sci-fi with Blade Runner, comedy with Working Girls, and thrillers with The Fugitive. Despite having a famous career, he has only received one Oscar nomination for his work as the investigator in the police drama See, about an Amish mother and her child who witnesses a crime. Ford recently starred in the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 prequel and will once again don the hat and crack the whip in the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton

Cara Dutton, played by Helen Mirren, serves as the family’s matriarch. Mirren was a well-known theatrical performer in England for a large portion of her career. She was one of only a select few actresses to win the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival twice, despite the fact that she did not enjoy Ford’s degree of celebrity for the majority of her career. She had achieved fame for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen by the 2000s.

Sebastian Roche as Father Renaud

Father Renaud, the principal of the school for American Indians, is portrayed by Sebastian Roche. Roche gained notoriety for his part in The Last of the Mohicans and has gone on to achieve considerable success in television ever since. He transitioned to fantasy television with Fringe, Supernatural, and The Originals after being a regular on General Hospital.

Banner Creighton is played by Jerome Flynn.

Scottish-born Creighton, an immigrant, isn’t scared to oppose Livestock Commissioner Jacob Dutton, even if it means breaking the law more than once. As the sheep farmer battles for his own survival, the survival of his flock, and the respect he feels he lacks from Jacob, his character is poised to be a significant thorn in the side of the Duttons.

Joseph Mawle as

Even though the show’s premiere is just around the corner, new cast members are continuously being announced, with Game of Thrones alum Joseph Mawle being the most recent. Paramount Plus will reconnect him with Jerome Flynn, another Game of Thrones actor. Joseph Mawle most recently played Adar in the Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Spencer Dutton is played by Brandon Sklenar.

Fans of Yellowstone have already met Spencer, who is played by the show’s young actor Charlie Srover, in a brief flashback scene from season 4. The first aboriginal people who visited the land the Duttons purchased to erect the Yellowstone ranch were addressed by Spencer, the youngest son of James and Margaret, as well as by his brother John, his father, and other family members. Spencer appears to be a much darker and shattered man in 1923, as most Dutton men do. Spencer, a veteran of World War One, is pursuing figurative monsters in an effort to get away from his demons. The first Dutton we see while travelling is Spencer, who is working as a hired hunter in the remote regions of Africa.

John Dutton Sr. is played by James Badge Dale.

The term “John Dutton” connotes strength and sage stoicism in the Yellowstone realm, and in this production, viewers will meet the real John.  John, who was portrayed by the charming Audie Rick, was just a young boy in 1883. John is Jacob’s right-hand man and the senior member of the ranch team in 1923 after 40 years of a difficult existence. This is a chance to witness John at his best, and it will undoubtedly define what it means to be a member of our favorite TV family. We are aware that he will eventually inherit the ranch, and Kevin Coster’s John, who was born in the 1923 timeframe, is the result of his progeny.

Marley Shelton as Emma Dutton

The obedient wife of John Dutton Sr. and mother of Jack Dutton, Emma is so described. Alongside her aunt-in-law Cara, Emma promises to be a realist, pragmatist, and collaborator in maintaining the family’s unity and the empire. It will be intriguing to witness how two generations of Dutton wives cohabit and how they certainly manage the family’s affairs when she makes an appearance on the show.

Teonna Rainwater is played by Aminah Nieves.

According to the trailer, Nieves is portraying a character who is Thomas Rainwater’s (Gil Birmingham) ancestor, but she stands for so much more than that. Teonna is one of the hundreds of First Nations children who were taken from their families and sent to a residential school in one of 1923’s most pertinent and significant stories. Taylor Sheridan has a long history of working to resurrect these all-too-forgotten narratives in pop culture and the wider world. Her story of resistance to forced indoctrination, abuse, and whitewashing of First Nations’ culture is just one example of this work.

Donald Whitfield is played by Timothy Dalton.

Donald Whitfield and Creigton appear to be working together to eliminate the Duttons. Whitfield is an Englishman of money and means who has come to America to start his empire, and he may be a contemporary of the family. He starts out by buying a property close to Yellowstone, but is overheard in the trailer saying, “I want the whole valley.” Dalton’s role will undoubtedly be an older version of the modern antagonists we’ve come to know on Yellowstone – people who come up against the Duttons to try and take a piece of their ranch, but never succeed. This is because two strong forces are looking to carve out most of Montana for themselves.

Darren Mann as As Jack Dutton

As we get to know Jack, the energetic and young son of John and Emma and future grandpa to John Dutton played by Kevin Costner, we learn that the Dutton family has at least started to flourish in this generation. Jack seeks to reconcile his life as a rancher and soon-to-be husband, and he stands in for the hope inside the family that has frequently been lost in the decades they have spent trying to craft their future.

Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford

Elizabeth Randolph’s father is a rancher, so she spent her summers in Montana even though she didn’t live on the ranch full-time because she attended school on the East Coast. she is quite strong-willed and optimistic. Although Jack Dutton is eager to wed Elizabeth Strafford, his dedication to his family’s ranch scuppers their plans from the beginning.

1923 Season 1 Cast: Meet other Cast

Zane Davis, played by Brian Geraghty

Ranch foreman Zane Davis, played by Brian Geraghty, is fiercely devoted.

Alexandra, played by Julia Schlaepfer

Alexandra, played by Julia Schlaepfer, is a British woman who meets a Dutton while travelling.

Jimmy Cricket, played by Jacques Schembri, is a disturbed mafioso from Birmingham who meets Emma Dutton.
Sheriff William McDowell, played by Robert Patrick, is a friend of the Duttons.
Sister Mary, played by Jennifer Ehle, is an Irish nun who works as a teacher at a school for American Indians in Montana.

1923 Season 1 Recurring Cast:

Amelia Rico as Issaxche
Peter Stormare as Lucca
Tim DeKay as Bob Strafford

Taylor Sheridan’s Series

Here is a selection of just a few Taylor Sheridan episodes that explore historical themes like Westward Expansion on an operatic scale to help you while you wait for this series to premiere on Paramount+.

Yellowstone: Yellowstone, the first chapter in this series, centres on the Dutton family in the present. The Dutton family currently holds ownership of Montana’s largest ranch. The Dutton family frequently has disagreements with locals, developers, and the nearby Broken Rock Indian Reservation as a result of this. Sheridan illuminates the Midwest’s rural areas and demonstrates its storytelling potential. The show nevertheless has weight and makes suspense out of ranch life even though they aren’t a royal family in a fantastical place like Game of Thrones or a family operating in the high-rolling world of media magnates like Succession. It’s one of Sheridan’s best works, with actors like Wes Bentley and Kevin Costner in the cast.

1923 recounts the Dutton family’s ancestry; 1883 looks even further back to learn how their estate was acquired. The Dutton family departs from their Tennessee home for Fort Worth, Texas, at the start of the program. Along the way, they board a waggon train of European immigrants and divert their course to Montana, where they will eventually found the Yellowstone Ranch. The Duttons still feel animosity for the South’s defeat, forcing the show to confront the post-Civil War south’s realities. Additionally, it addresses the heinous invasion of Native lands and the catastrophic consequences it has had on American civilization. The Dutton family’s struggle was worthy of study anytime, everywhere, as 1883 demonstrated.

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