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‘Young Sheldon S07’ Prepares for a Heartfelt Goodbye: Is George Sr.’s Fate Sealed?

Young Sheldon 702 Pictured: Lance Barber as George Sr. Photo Credit: Bill Inoshita

As the highly expected finale of the hit show Young Sheldon draws near, fans are buzzing with rumors about what will happen to George Sr., one of the show’s main characters. Many people think that George Sr.’s story may be coming to a touching end after seeing recent behind-the-scenes photos from the set that hint at a sad turn of events.

Cast members Montana Jordan (Georgie) and Emily Osment (Mandy), as well as regular guest stars, were seen on social media wearing clothes that looked like they belonged at a funeral. This led to rumors about what happened to George Sr. These pictures and director Steve Holland’s earlier hints that George Sr.’s death would be talked about in the last season have only added to the rumors.

Holland has stressed how important it is to stay true to the story of the show and to the bigger canon of “The Big Bang Theory,” to which “Young Sheldon” is a prequel. He said that the show doesn’t have to use every joke from the old one, but it does want to honor the important events in Sheldon’s life, like the death of his father.

Recent behind-the-scenes pictures and Holland’s comments make it sound like “Young Sheldon” is getting ready to say goodbye to George Sr. in a very emotional way. Fans have grown close to the character over the course of the show, so the possibility that he will leave is a big deal for those who love it.

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On Thursday, Rachael Bay Jones, who plays Audrey, posted a photo on social media with her television daughter Osment, her television husband Will Sasso, who plays Jim, and Wallace Shawn as Professor Sturgis.

The next photo is on Emily Osment‘s Instagram story. On Thursday, she shared a picture with Melissa Peterman and Brian Stepanek.

Osment’s Instagram story - young Sheldon-

As the last episode of “Young Sheldon” approaches, fans are excited to see how the show will end George Sr.’s story and say goodbye to this popular character. Fans will soon know what happened to George Sr. and how it will affect the Cooper family when the one-hour ending airs on May 16.

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