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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7: Ending! Will Jamie Dutton be successful in impeaching??

As a result of what took place in Midseason Finale Yellowstone season 5 episode 7, we now have a better understanding of the stakes. After all, we have recently gained a significantly deeper comprehension of Sarah Atwood’s objectives with regard to John Dutton and the state of Montana. Does she have any feelings for Jamie (Wes Bentley) at all? We are aware that this has been a question that has received a lot of attention in recent times, and we would say that, to some extent, she does. But in addition to that, he plays a part in a strategy that is much more comprehensive regarding him. In the end, Sarah (Dawn Olivieri wants Market Equities to acquire the land in order for them to be able to successfully execute some of their projects, and the purpose at this point appears to be to leverage John’s desire to maintain the land for his own benefit against him. What will happen next?  If you’re eagerly anticipating,  everything you need to know is right here (www.tvacute.com).

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Ending Explained!

John “hates” Jamie because he “became the precise thing he asked me to become,” Jamie laments to Sarah. Sarah argues that John’s dislike of Jamie is a result of envy and a fear of change, the latter of which she thinks is essential for the survival of Yellowstone. Jamie concurs with that. Later in the episode, Sarah stops by Jamie’s workplace to pay him a visit. There, she and Ellis Steele (John Emmet Tracy) give the bad news that John turned the airport land into a conservation easement, causing a serious legal headache. Jamie is informed by Sarah that Market Equities will shortly sue Montana for “a poor faith negotiation,” which would likely result in the stake being forced into bankruptcy and owing $4 billion in damages.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Ending Explained!

After previously announcing her plan to remove John as governor and install Jamie in his place, Sarah remarks, “Sounds like an impeachable offense to me.” “We are devoted to seeing you elected. Our PAC will pay for it. This is your opportunity to take office as governor and reclaim our f**king land.” Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 ends with Jamie practicing his speech in which he would call for John’s impeachment, arguing that his adoptive dad’s actions “threaten the quality of life for all of Montanans.” Jamie is on board with that course of action. I believe it’s perfect, Sarah tells Jamie, expressing her admiration.

Without a doubt, Sarah has a nasty plan in mind, but the question is: Is it one that she can actually carry out? There are a lot of grounds to believe that she might be able to pull it off, despite the fact that we are aware that this is something that can be very difficult to figure out at times. There are also some potential threats that John will face in the future, and they could appear at any time. Consider, for example, the significant obstacle that the wolves might ultimately provide to him in the future. That is not something that has been totally settled as of yet, and it is very possible that it will spin out of control the further along we get in the season.


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