Home Recap Yellowstone Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 “Mo Saves the Life of Monica”

Yellowstone Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 “Mo Saves the Life of Monica”

Yellowstone Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 "Mo Saves the Life of Monica"

The next third scene moved to Beth’s office. she is busy checking Roarke’s stock.

Roarke is on the telephone and amazingly furious. He can’t effectively stop what she’s begun. They have to set a buyback.

Willa is viewing the business news. She’s prepared to crush Schwartz and Meyer. Jamie holds up in his office.

They have a discussion about what simply occurred, being siblings, the land arrangement, and why it needs to originate from Beth. Kayce needs to see the proposal before he moves toward Beth Dutton.

On the highway, Monica’s car stopped. There is no signal for her cell phone.
A car stopped, offer to help her.
she asked a stranger Don’t have a spare, do you?
a stranger you gonna fix it all by yourself?
Monica: Do You have a spare?
Stranger: Not for a Nissan I don’t. But I can give you a ride up to Billings. I’ m headed that way.
(Oh! what are you doing Monica)
Monica: Yeah, that would be great.
Stranger: climb in.
Monica agreed and sat in his car.

A stranger gives a ride up to Monica in Yellowstone season 3 episode 8

In another scene, Beth has Bob on the telephone. He needs to do a purchasing barrage and don’t stop. There is a charge on their stock from Market Equities. She needs whoever is on it to get it out. Her right hand is terminated when she’s not ready to stand up on Beth’s orders. Beth calls Angela. Market Equities is available and Beth needs Angela to call everybody to purchase.

Willa walks over to a PC. She needs to get Beth terminated and afterward employ her for them. Jamie is on the telephone. He needs the agreement. Willa reveals to her kin that after it gets to $150 to dump it.

John’s not keen on murdering the horse. thinks about whether Rip has whatever else he needs to talk about. They talk about Beth.

Jimmy takes in somewhat about ponies from Lloyd. Tear shows up. Burden up the trailer and the pony.

There is no discussion among Monica and the Strange. He pulls off an earth street. He’s very far gone before she addresses it. He says there is a spot with great cell administration so she can call home.

Monica runs, yet the person gets her. She punches him off of her and takes off once more.

She smacks him in the head with a stone. Mo gets a shot to the head. Water is there. EMS is in transit. She expressed gratitude toward Mo to save her life.

Monica admits to Rainwater that she didn’t tell Kayce what she’s doing today. Rainwater showed her the Montana Tribute
She looked it and says, “It’s no wonder we’re married, huh? We think exactly alike.”

Schwartz and Meyers stock dives. On the telephone is Bob’s collaborator. He’s en route to Boseman and has set an appointment.

Next scene moved to Colby and Teeter

Colby and Teeter are fixing the fence. He still cannot understand a thing she says. She makes him stop the vehicle. Come on baby, let’s get naked! They’re going skinny dipping. some guy beat Colby.

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