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Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Ending Explained! Is Ben Dead?

Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3 Recap Is Ben Dead-

After the most devastating episode of the show yet, Yellowjackets came back to depict the post-cannibalistic hangover the young survivors were suffering from. After the horrifying events of last week, in which our survivors ate their barbequed queen bee, Jackie, cannibalism was finally introduced. The third episode follows Coach, the sole adult in the woods, as he begins to feel the neurological ramifications of being the most starved of the group. He simply locked himself inside the cabin and decided to starve to death rather than face that hideous sight. This pack of ravenous teenagers is the most dangerous thing in those woods.  Is Coach Ben Scott Ben Dead? In case you missed it, (tvacute.com) here is what happened at the end of Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3.

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Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Digestif

The first people to regain their faculties after the cannibalism are Nat (Sophie Thatcher) and Taissa. But Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown) has no recollection of eating Jackie. Van (Liv Hewson) tells her dissociatively sleepwalking girlfriend, “Tai, you ate her face” causing Taissa to throw up and cry in fear.  Nat provides to take Jackie’s skeleton to the plane since seeing her body in the open is a painful reminder of what they had to do to survive. Since this is the norm, Nat sends Jackie out to the airport alone.  A giant white moose awakens and charges the jet; she attempts to kill it, but it vanishes. Lottie tries to reassure Shauna, who is struggling with guilt about devouring her best friend and having the unborn child of her deceased best friend’s partner. Lottie suggests throwing a baby shower for Shauna and her kid as a way to make her feel better. .While Akilah and Taissa spend time on the bassinet, Akilah laments that she won’t be able to watch her newborn nephew grow up. Mari constructs a terrible mobile out of wood spikes that might cause serious injury, but she is concerned about a leaking noise that nobody else appears to notice.

Misty and Crystal, the new power couple, finally have the conversation everyone has been avoiding: they agree that cannibalism wasn’t so horrible. Since baby showers typically focus on the mothers, Crystal persuades Misty that she should give Shauna a performance as a present. Travis decides to go see what Ben has to say about it. Unfortunately, Ben’s despair has taken over his life. Lottie sews a blanket for her kid, and she sewed a wild animal on it. Unfortunately, Shauna ends up with a bloody nose, and the emblem gets stained. All of a sudden, noises start crashing around us. The birds suddenly descended from the sky. Says Lottie. Bird droppings are a symbol of good fortune, or so I’ve heard. Van (Liv Hewson) believes wholeheartedly in Lottie’s “powers,” but this has begun to cause tension between Lottie and Taissa.

In both timelines, Taissa’s sleepwalking has disastrous consequences. She has been having in-depth chats with Van, which she later forgets, and suddenly disappears into the woods, as if on a mission. Taissa returns with an equally menacing glare. They are standing in the direction of a tree on which the symbol has been etched when Van awakens her to shake her out of it. After the automobile accident in the previous episode, Taissa and Simone both went to the hospital and now Taissa is having terrifying dreams whenever she sleeps. When Simone comes to, the nurse tells her that she “is not out of the woods yet.” Simone’s nurse discovers the symbol Taissa has drawn on her hand and is fooled when she is told it is for good luck. Taissa is having a heated debate with her own reflection in the mirror. While her assistant suggests a public relations strategy for the accident, Taissa drives off to contact Jessica Roberts.

Misty confronts the mysterious Character

Misty soon visits Walter, who has taken up residence on a boat. A witness to Natalie’s disappearance is being questioned at this location. While Walter is on the phone with Randy, Misty stays hidden in the boat’s bedroom and whispers lines into his ear. Misty orders Walter to strike Randy after he taunts Natalie, and Randy, being an idiot, thinks he’s going to meet the FBI on a boat. To be fair, Randy did recall Lottie’s crew being the ones to deplete the vending machine of its supply of Fanta. Nat encounters Lisa as she casually watches over Lottie’s quarters while holding a fowl she plans to kill for dinner. She decapitates it since it poses a danger to Nat.

Strange blood moss grows on the trees near Lottie’s apartment, and that’s not a fluke. When Lottie runs across Nat, she invites her to their beekeepers’ club. She addresses the colony, saying that after a new queen is installed, the bees will “sting the old queen to death.” At one point, the hoodie is draped over Nat’s shoulders as if she were slipping subtly into the water. With the help of Natalie and Lisa, Lottie engages in a shoddy restorative justice activity. Afterward, Lottie checks in on her bees and discovers that the honey has been swapped for blood. Lottie hears the French phrase “il veut ton sang,” which translates to “he wants blood,” as she looks down at her bloody hands.

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Jeff and Shauna go to a diner for breakfast and try to talk about their marital problems. Jeff claims he knows exactly when everything went wrong. Shauna claims that she did not cheat on Jeff but rather because she yearned for more excitement and adventure in her life than a typical housewife can provide. Jeff, attempting spontaneity as they leave the diner, suggests they travel to Colonial Williamsburg. Shauna attempts to drive out the carjacker and take his gun to end the disruption of their plans. Jeff asks, perhaps forgetting that his wife was a cannibalistic teenager. Jeff considers the vehicle to be a total loss now that it’s been stolen, but Shauna disagrees. Now she’s armed. Later that night, she drives her vehicle to a chop shop and attempts to rob them while they are closed. It was a stupid move on his part, but he didn’t take her seriously and insulted her.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Is Ben Dead?

No, Coach Ben Scott (Steven Krueger) is not dead in this episode. However, he is experiencing a hard time right now. While Ben is daydreaming in the cabin, Yellowjackets flashes back to his life before the accident. The flashback, however, takes place in both the past and a possible future, as it depicts what may have happened to Ben if he hadn’t boarded the plane and instead decided to devote himself to his boyfriend Paul.

Ben Scott missed out on cannibalism and is now too hungry to think straight because of it. The visions of girls foaming at the mouth and trying to devour him begin to plague him. He also can’t stop thinking about past interactions between him and Paul (François Arnaud), such as when Paul asked Ben to move in and Ben declined. He’s afraid, and he’s making the girls take the blame. Ben begins having disturbing hallucinations about what would’ve occurred if he hadn’t gone to nationals. He visits Paul at the apartment wearing the same clothes he had on the day o the crash of the plane and announces that he will not be attending nationals. A news story and the two people holding each other acknowledge the plane disaster on TV. Ben would not only not be in this cabin if he hadn’t decided to hide out in the broom closet, but he also would be with Paul. Ben looks away, realizing he made the decision to be “the saddest possible version of himself.” Remember that Ben didn’t join the team until after the accident. In addition, the sequence depicts the local press reporting on the accident of the Yellowjackets crew as if Ben had never boarded the aircraft. The fact that Coach Ben Scott was the only one who didn’t partake in the feast made him an easy target. Weirdness is increasing within the cabin.

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