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Who Killed Mitchell Bondurant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?


In the thrilling world of Netflix‘s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ we are introduced to the charismatic and formidable Mickey Haller Sr. (Jon Tenney), a defense attorney who reigns supreme in the bustling city of Los Angeles. In the thrilling second season, our protagonist takes on the challenging case of defending Lisa Trammell (Lana Parrilla), a woman accused of the heinous crime of murdering the enigmatic Mitchell Bondurant. Leading the prosecution is none other than the formidable Andrea Freemann (Yaya DaCosta), a legal powerhouse who has consistently emerged victorious over Haller on a staggering.

Moreover, the mounting evidence overwhelmingly points towards Lisa as the prime suspect, leaving Haller himself questioning her true culpability. In a stunning turn of events, the trick proves to be a resounding success, leading to Lisa’s triumphant declaration of innocence. But that question still lingers. If she didn’t commit the act, then who is the true culprit? In a shocking turn of events, the life of Mitchell Bondurant takes a dark and mysterious twist as an unknown assailant strikes him down. The question on everyone’s mind: who could be behind this heinous act? Let’s dive in and discover the truth.

Who Killed Mitchell Bondurant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

In “The Lincoln Lawyer” on Netflix, Mitchell Bondurant (Clint Carmichael) was killed, and Lisa Trammell (Lana Parrilla) was initially accused of the crime. She appeared to be the target of substantial evidence, including a motive and a chance to perform the murder. However, Lisa was finally found not guilty after Mickey Haller, her defense attorney, succeeded in casting doubt on the jury.

René (Ryan W. Garcia), Lisa’s coworker, saw a link between the case and Walter Kim, a Health Department employee, during the trial. Walter Kim was the inspector who accepted payments from Alex Grant (Michael A. Goorjian), and Bondurant intended to expose Grant’s wrongdoings so that Kim would also be implicated. Kim had a reason to kill Bondurant in order to defend himself as a result.

Kim ambushed Bondurant in the parking lot where he typically left his car because she was aware of his routine. Kim hit Bondurant in the head with a hammer she stole from Lisa’s house while using a broken inspection lens as a decoy. By leaving Lisa’s gloves at the scene of the crime covered in Bondurant’s blood, he framed her. Kim, though, erred by failing to re-plant the hammer. Kim made an effort to make Lisa’s defense stronger by leaving the hammer in an accessible location. However, Lisa was exonerated because it was already too late.

Alex Grant chose to get rid of Walter Kim after appearing in court and asserting his Fifth Amendment rights in order to shield himself from any potential exposure. Kim vanished shortly after giving his evidence, and his abandoned automobile was discovered, suggesting that he had been slain and his body had been dumped. Additional information uncovered during the inquiry confirmed that Kim was Mitchell Bondurant’s murderer and that Lisa had been set up by him so that he could escape punishment.

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