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Which Song Plays in Billions Season 7 Episode 10?

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Fans have experienced a rollercoaster ride with BillionsSeason 7, and Episode 10 saw the much-anticipated return of Damian Lewis‘s Bobby Axelrod. The story became more intricate due to the suspense and excitement viewers felt for Axelrod’s return following a two-season hiatus. The episode ends with a bargain that has the potential to alter the future, highlighting Axelrod’s special power to get Prince to reconsider his stance. Billions has always relied heavily on music to build the mood and heighten the impact of the story. we address the relevance of the selected soundtrack, examining why it provides the melodic setting for a pivotal moment in the Billions plot.

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“Beautiful Day,” a famous song by U2, is on the soundtrack of Billions Season 7 Episode 10. U2 is one of the most successful bands of all time, having sold between 150 and 170 million albums throughout the globe from their 15 studio albums. More than any other band, they have won 22 Grammys; in 2005, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. U2 released the hit “Beautiful Day” in 2000.

This well-chosen song heightens the symbolism of the Lincoln Center gala scene, as Axe makes his dramatic entrance wearing a leather jacket and Slayer T-shirt. The episode’s thematic components are emphasized by the use of “Beautiful Day” as a narrative device, rather than just a chance choice.

The ageless hit “Beautiful Day” speaks to themes of perseverance, hope, and the possibility of good things coming to pass. The song serves as a soundtrack for Axe’s remarkable comeback and the developing conflict with Prince in the framework of Billions. Set to the melodies of this U2 classic, the gala serves as a platform for the return of the fully realized Bobby Axelrod, whom fans have been missing for the past two seasons.

The hopeful and redemptive themes in “Beautiful Day”‘s lyrics parallel Axe’s efforts to defend Wendy and confront Prince. Choosing this specific U2 song adds a level of irony, especially in light of the episode’s turbulent circumstances.

The soundtrack, particularly the use of “Beautiful Day,” creates a sonic backdrop that amplifies the emotional impact of critical moments even while the episode plays out with high-stakes drama. Storytelling has always been enhanced by the use of music, and in Episode 10 of Billions Season 7, the inclusion of this U2 classic gives the drama more nuance and resonance.

In conclusion, Billions Season 7 Episode 10’s deliberate use of music, especially U2’s “Beautiful Day,” enhances the entire cinematic experience by establishing a memorable ambiance that goes well with the intense drama and important character developments.

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