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Where was Netflix’s My Life with the Walter Boys filmed?

My Life with the Walter Boys,” a Netflix show about love, loss, and the unpredictable journey of adolescence, will take you on a heartwarming trip. The show, which was written by Melanie Halsall, is meant to be a nostalgic escape into a coming-of-age story that captures the essence of young love in rural Colorado. With a great cast and a plot based on Ali Novak’s famous Wattpad novel, this show is sure to charm viewers with its mix of drama, romance, and the difficulties of growing up. tvacute explores the several shooting sites that contributed to the beauty of the Wild West of ‘My Life with the Walter Boys.

Where was Netflix’s My Life with the Walter Boys filmed?

With Alberta, Canada as a backdrop, the beautiful scenery of “My Life with the Walter Boys” comes to life. The show shows off the rough beauty of this area, which gives the story set in rural Colorado a more real feel. The filming began in March 2022 and ended in September of that year.

Production took place in many places in Alberta. The lively city of Calgary, the cute town of Cochrane, and the cute town of Crossfield were some of the most important places to film. These places were perfect for showing how the Walters lived their outdoor life, their ranch in Colorado, and Alex’s horse activities.  John Scott, who was in charge of big animals, was especially important for making sure that scenes with horses and rodeo events were accurate.

Cochrane Town, Alberta, Canada

They began filming in the Glenbow area during the second week of April 2022, and later this week they moved into the Historic Downtown. As the town’s representative in negotiations with the film industry, Natalie Germann, the community event administrator for Cochrane, says, “We’re really pleased they chose to come here to film.” View photo of the former Cochrane Dodge facility production crew home, at the intersection of Railway St. and 5th Ave.

Crossfield Town in Calgary

Production on the series resumed in August after filming took place throughout Calgary. The filming of the Netflix adaptation of Ali Novak’s novel was temporarily rescheduled due to inclement weather, resulting in changes to the sites in Crossfield.” The city of Crossfield said the June 15 shoot on the east side of Railway St. would not take place due to weather. Parking plans on Nanton Ave. and Railway St. will remain the same. On June 16, a “Homecoming Huddle” scene will take place, using pedestrians and traffic lights at different times on certain streets. On June 20, Nanton Ave and Railway St will be closed to traffic. Crossfield chief administrative officer Sue Keenan said the series, which was based on the book by Ali Novak, has drawn attention to Alberta’s scene and helped diversify the economy.

Ashby Gentry, a novice to horsemanship, was introduced to it in the series by Scott and his group of “genuine cowboy” wranglers, Mark Nugent and Bailey Mylan. Scott complimented Gentry on his easy adjustment to horseback riding, comparing his skill to a duck going to water. Gentry’s interest in rodeoing led him to visit the Calgary Stampede, the biggest outdoor event in the world, where he saw firsthand the impact of Scott. In addition to providing an up-close look at rodeo events, the Stampede served as inspiration for the series’ costumes.

Cochrane Town, Alberta, Canada

In August of last year, a few scenes from the popular first season were filmed at the Cochrane RancheHouse.  The W.G. Murdoch School, the Pete Knight Memorial Arena parking lot, and two different spots on Railway Street were used for filming in the town. Derek Keenan, the director of W.G. Murdoch School, says that everyone on campus is excited about the production that is going on at the school. He explained, “This is a place that the students know and see every day, so to see it shown differently is kind of cool.” “They can’t wait to see their neighborhood school on screen and hear how it does in the play.”

The story of my life with the Walter boys

Following the life-changing journey of 15-year-old Jackie Howard, played by Nikki Rodriguez, “My Life with the Walter Boys” is a 10-episode series. After her family dies in a terrible accident, Jackie leaves the bright lights of Manhattan to find peace in the small town of Silver Falls, Colorado. The Walters, a family of ten led by George (played by Marc Blucas) and Katherine (played by Sarah Rafferty), are where she hides out. Jackie is trying to figure out how to live in her new country home while also dealing with her feelings for two different Walter brothers: Alex (Ashby Gentry), who is loyal and likes reading, and Cole (Noah LaLonde), who is mysterious and has problems.

Is My Life with the Walter Boys Based on a True Story?

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