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Where is Netflix’s Trolley Shot?

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It can be difficult to watch every K-Drama that Netflix adds to its collection. as fresh Netflix original films are made available through its streaming service. The lead actors in the thriller-mystery Korean drama series Trolley, created by Ryu Bo-ri and directed by Kim Mun-kyo, are Kim Hyun-joo and Park Hee-soon. Lawyer Joong-wife do’s Hye-enigmatic ju’s past is brought to light in the thriller series when one of her husband’s cases forces her to confront something she has kept hidden from her husband and from herself for her entire life. As the truths are revealed to the world, the couple is compelled to confront their previous traumas. While the gripping plot keeps viewers interested throughout each episode, the utilization of intriguing settings begs the question of where “Trolley” is actually filmed. You might be fascinated by what (tvacute.com)we have to say if you’ve been wondering the same thing.

Where is Netflix’s Trolley Shot?

  “Trolley” Season 1 was shot in South Korea, ostensibly in Seoul. The family drama series’ first season’s principal photography was reportedly shot in the fall of 2022. It makes sense that the filmmaking crew chose to shoot the series in South Korea proper as the narrative takes place there. Let’s get right to it and obtain a full list of every single website that is mentioned in the Netflix episode!

South Korea’s Seoul

The majority of the key scenes for “Trolley” were probably shot in and around Seoul, the country’s capital and largest city. The cast and crew members appear to have set up camp at several locations throughout the city to film various scenes against appropriate backgrounds. The city, which is located in South Korea’s northwest, is an Alpha-City according to the  (GaWC). Seoul sometimes referred to as the Seoul Special City, has a large and varied terrain with modern architecture that is surrounded by mountains and hilly areas, making it an ideal location for filming all types of projects.

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