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What Happens Later 2023 Soundtrack:

What Happens Later 2023 Soundtrack:

The American romantic comedy What Happens Later” from 2023 offers a novel and endearing viewpoint on the world of romance and reminiscence. This film, which was co-written by Meg Ryan, Steven Dietz, and Kirk Lynn and directed by the amazing Meg Ryan, features a great mix of humor, nostalgia, and the magic of reestablished ties. Meg Ryan and the endearing David Duchovny feature in the movie, which was released on October 13, 2023.

tvacute will explore the enthralling tale of “What Happens Later,” the entrancing soundtrack that follows the voyage, and the gorgeous filming sites that serve as a backdrop for the unfolding drama. The movie is based on Dietz’s play “Shooting Star” taking viewers on a thrilling journey filled with poignant moments, magical realism, and interesting surprises.

Is “What Happens Later 2023” based on a Real Story?

What Happens Later 2023 Soundtrack:

A film’s soundtrack frequently has a significant impact on how the audience feels, how the scene is remembered, and how the mood is created. “What Happens Later” is no different, as the soundtrack enhances the narrative with nuance and passion. The soundtrack, which was composed by David Boman, has 23 upbeat songs that enhance the whole cinematic experience.

The soundtrack to “What Happens Later” includes songs including “Two Snowflakes,” “The One and Only,” “Unsustainable,” and “Learning to Fly.” Every song has been carefully selected to complement the feelings and scenes depicted in the movie. The music weaves in and out of scenes to provide a stunning symphony of emotions, acting as the silent storyteller.

Many of the soundtrack’s tunes evoke feelings of longing and introspection, adding to the nostalgic feel of the movie. Songs like Luscious Bandit’s “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” and Sage’s “My Favorite Mistake” by Sheryl Crow and Jeffrey Trott transport us back in time and evoke feelings of self-discovery, heartbreak, and love. Meg Ryan herself says of the final musical cue in the score: “Bye for Now.” I believe that these two will always ruin everything.”

Here is the tracklisting for the “What Happens Later” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

  1. Two Snowflakes – David Boman
    2. Welcome Travelers – David Boman
    3. The One and Only – David Boman
    4. Trip or Journey? – David Boman
    5. Worried We’re Lost – David Boman
    6. Why We Broke Up – David Boman
    7. So Many Questions – David Boman
    8. Write It In Your Shoe – David Boman
    9. Unsustainable – David Boman
    10. Your Smile on Another Face – David Boman
    11.  Time Will Tell… – David Boman
    12. The Universe Doesn’t Text – David Boman
    13. Bring That Back – David Boman
    14. All Cleansed Up – David Boman 
    15. We Are Ridiculous – David Boman
    16. Not a Trip, a Journey – David Boman
    17. Got Your Power Back – David Boman
    18. Bye For Now – David Boman
    19. You Learn – The Streamline Modernes
    20. My Favorite Mistake – Sage
    21. We Will Not Be Lovers – The Brentwood Hellows
    22. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover – Luscious Bandit
    23. Learning to Fly – The Four Words

If you want to hear the music from “What Happens Later” in 2023, you can do so by subscribing to one of the many music streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, or YouTube. The soundtracks to movies are frequently available on these services. You can use their search features to locate the score and find out if it is sold in your country.

As they watch “What Happens Later,” viewers are struck by music’s ability to evoke strong feelings and enrich the narrative. It is evidence of the thoughtful arrangement and selection of each track, as well as how well they fit with the character’s arcs and the story as it develops.

What Happens Later 2023 Movie Story

The plot of “What Happens Later” centers on Willa and Bill, two ex-lovers played by Meg Ryan and David Duchovny, respectively. When a snowfall causes their planes to be delayed, their paths unexpectedly intersect, making for an unforgettable night spent at an airport.

An amazing meeting between two ex-lovers, Willa and Bill, is set in the story’s deserted airport opening. After more than 20 years apart, they finally get back in touch. As the snowfall rages outside, Willa and Bill—who haven’t seen one other in over 25 years—are stranded at a small Midwest airport.   This unexpected encounter reminds them of the emotions they previously shared but never completely explored, bringing up a plethora of unanswered questions from their past.

Their reunion is remarkably free of animosity and bitterness despite the decades that have gone by, demonstrating the tenacity of the human heart. Willa and Bill have a cheerful, humorous conversation that hides the deeper feelings that are present.

As per the movie, Willa is a “magical thinker” and Bill is a “catastrophic one.” The desire and tension that permeate their relationship are rooted in this disparity in their personalities. They are still attracted to each other as much as they were years ago, but they are also equally irritated by each other’s peculiarities.

Willa and Bill have poignant chats that reveal the secrets of their previous relationship while they are stuck at the airport and have no choice but to confront their history. According to Willa, “When people break up, there’s the things they tell each other, and then there’s the truth – which you never told me.” A very moving scene in the movie is when Bill confesses to Willa that he was more in love with her than she knew.

The movie’s climax presents an alternative to the traditional romantic comedy format. Rather than presenting a lavish marriage proposal or a flawless, fantasy conclusion, “What Happens Later” chooses a more nuanced and grounded conclusion. Not even exchanging phone numbers, Willa and Bill bid each other a sorrowful farewell through the plane windows as they board their respective rescheduled flights. The movie’s conclusion is left up for interpretation.

What Happens Later 2023 filmed

The allure and close-knit environment of “What Happens Later” is important to capturing the distinct mood of the movie. The movie was filmed in a number of scenic places, as stated on IMDb.com, which provides an eye-catching background for the story as it develops.

Northwest Arkansas National Airport and “Bentonville” are important filming sites that provide the backdrop of an airport where the majority of the action in the movie takes place. Thaden Field, The Momentary, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art are among the other locations that are highlighted in the movie, according to Christopher Crane, the film commissioner for Arkansas. Combining these locales creates a visually beautiful and captivating setting that enhances the journey of the protagonists.

The airport environment, which combines elements of Crystal Bridges and XNA, offers a special fusion of modernism and beauty. It acts as the blank canvas that the protagonists’ feelings and memories are painted on, evoking a vivid setting for their reunion trip.

Finally, “What Happens Later” is a nostalgic and heartfelt film that features beautiful scenery, an enthralling soundtrack, and an engaging story. Meg Ryan’s triumphant comeback to the cinema is characterized by her characteristic charm and directing skill, which elevates this romantic comedy to a wonderful new level. Viewers are transported on a journey of self-discovery, introspection, and the enduring power of love and connection as Willa and Bill’s story is revealed in the enchanted backdrop of the airport.

What is What Happens Later (2023) rated?

The rating for “What Happens Later” is R. The R rating usually means that there may be brief drug use, some sexual themes or content, and strong language in the film. This rating is meant to advise viewers about the film’s content and guarantee that it is suitable for older viewers.

Inspired by the hits that made Meg Ryan a household name, this film pays homage to the romantic comedies of the nineties. “What Happens Later” is a great pick for a comfortable Sunday afternoon on the couch since it delivers lovely comforts and laughter through tears, even though it may not reach the same heights as her adored previous works.


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