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Walker Independence Episode 5: Tom is currently in a position that is nearly hard to escape.

Walker Independence Episode 5

In the fourth episode of season one of Walker: Independence, Abby and Hoyt consent to perform a task for Tom Davidson that reveals the extent of the Davidson family’s power. Nate Hagan (Mark Sheppard) and Kate planned a fantastic Founders Day stage play at Hagan’s tavern. Abby and Hoyt discovered that Aunt Teresa had been manipulating a judge to appoint Tom sheriff days before Abby’s husband died while buying perfumed soap for her in Austin.(To know read the recap below) Now  What will happen next? When can fans anticipate the new episode of their favorite show?  (tvacute.com) Here is everything you need to watch Walker Independence Season 1, Episode 5 .

Walker Independence Episode 1 Recap

Walker Independence Episode 5 Spoilers

Friend of the Devil is the title of a new episode. In this new episode, Tom is going to find himself in some difficult situations. When an old friend from the past comes to town seeking assistance, it raises the possibility that all the Davidsons have been hiding will be revealed. Abby and Kate both want additional information. They are looking for evidence that Tom is involved in some illicit activity, and there is only one method to obtain such details. They have no choice except to burglarize the sheriff’s residence. However, given the current circumstances, that is the riskiest thing they could possibly do. A reconnection between Calian and Gus will take place while all of this is going on. Before all of this began, the two of them shared a friendship, but Gus was aware that Calian was keeping something from him. It is time for them to mend the bridge so that they can assist in bringing down the sheriff when more secrets and the truth are revealed.

Walker Independence Episode 5  Synopsis: When an old friend rides into town, Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian) finds himself in the impossible position of helping a former partner in crime while keeping up appearances as the town’s new sheriff. Abby (Kat McNamara) and Kate’s (Katie Findlay) friendship is put to the test as Abby faces uncomfortable questions about her deceased husband while Gus (Philemon Chambers) and Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez) reconnect and work together to pursue a new lead in connection to the murder of Abby’s husband.

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Walker Independence Episode 5 Release Date

Walker Independence Episode 5 will be shown on The CW at 9 o’clock. Thursday, November 3 at midnight ET/PT. The episodes will also be accessible via on-demand programs. These are made available through websites that let you rent or buy your favorite episodes, including Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes. Live streaming of the episodes will also be possible on a number of platforms, including DirecTV and Fubo TV. Although DirecTV costs 69.99 dollars a month, it offers simultaneous access to several TV stations.

Walker Independence Episode 5 Recap

Kate says Abby is Liam’s wife as Abby holds a gun at her. She denies killing him to Kate. Kate tells Abby she’s Pinkerton. Kate helps Abby but doesn’t want to be part of a weird family. Abby claims they’re all against Tom. Kate says Abby must prove Tom did it without a doubt. Nathaniel celebrates National Founders Day at Hagan’s. Gus tells Tom about his Roman emperor name as they travel around town. Tom asks Kai to fix his jacket as they pass.   Calian is approached to take Lucia home. Tom’s aunt Teresa Davidson comes. As Teresa asks why Tom didn’t get her soap, Abby argues it’s her fault since she works for him. Kate brings Teresa’s bags to Hagan’s. She finds Nathaniel buying elixir with a man. Kate hears Teresa’s contract. Nathaniel informs Teresa Kate runs the show. Kate visits Kai for wardrobe advice. Kai says he’ll contribute for advertising. Kai’s guest says he was in San Francisco with him.

The man claims Kai killed on his way out of town and demands money from him. Kai gives him tonnes of cash. – Nathaniel coughs and faints at Hagan’s, appearing poisoned. The elixir is on his bedside table. Kate smells cyanide. Kate loves Kai’s attire. She approaches Kai for armour aid. Teresa helps Tom tie his tie and promises to watch as usual. Teresa visits Nathaniel, making elixir jokes. She requests he sign the contract. When he asks her if she tried to kill him, she says she would have. Nathaniel tells Teresa about a schemer who died horribly, hopefully like her. Hoyt advises Abby to relax on the way to Austin. Hoyt wonders if she finds out Tom killed Liam and becomes spiteful, does she win? Abby recalls her love of painting to Hoyt. She flees to a lake, stopping Hoyt and the waggon. She strips and swims. Hoyt joins. After swimming, they visit the judge, who appointed Tom, to collect information. Hoyt informs the judge he faced a variety of charges with Abby as his legal advisor. Abby encourages the judge to compromise, saying she works with the sheriff. Tom’s family is important, and the judge learned of Liam’s disappearance via Teresa. Hoyt discovers Teresa arrived in town a week before Liam died. Abby and Hoyt inform Kate in Independence. Lucia shows Calian a shattered fence, and they suspect the Davidsons. Calian helps Lucia build the fence.

Lucia tells Calian her parents want her to stay home and marry a rancher like them. Calian worries he’s lost his Elders’ confidence, and Lucia argues it’s two. Lucia thinks Calian makes missing Founders Day show better. Dances for Calian. Abby announces Hagans Founders Day concert. She introduces Hoyt, who demonstrates pistol handling. Kate sings about Tom Davidson with the Hagan’s women on stage. Kate, Abby, and Hoyt discuss Tom leaving after the song after the show. Tom explains the Davidsons own Hagans as Kate enters Nathaniel’s office. Tom tells Kate to run the place for him. Kate confronts Nathaniel and tells him to die alone. Tom should watch Kate, but Teresa may control the show. She’s leaving but knows Tom’s requirements. Tom gives her the soap, and she says Abby would be good for him. Kai’s blackmailer returns. He demands payment or returns to San Francisco to reveal Kai’s location. Kai tosses a sack of money with a knife at him. Kai drops the knife as Tom enters. Tom wants Kai to build him more suits and not forget what occurred. Kate, Abby, Hoyt, and Calian gather and vow to defeat Tom.

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