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Top Boy Season 5: What happens to Kieron? Is he Dead?

Kieron Is Dead?

Kieron Walker-Smith is one character who made an impact in the harsh and emotional world of Netflix‘s “Top Boy,” where power struggles, loyalty, and treachery take center stage. The complexity of life in Summerhouse Estate and the difficult choices its residents are forced to make are demonstrated by Kieron’s journey throughout the series. We shall delve into Kieron’s character in this article, looking at his history, the possibility that he died tragically, and the circumstances of his death.

Top Boy: Kieron’s Past

As a recurrent character in “Top Boy,Kieron Walker-Smith (Joshua Blissett) is first presented to the audience in Season 3. In this season, he plays a supporting role; in later seasons, he assumes a more significant one. The Summerhouse crew’s drug dealer Kieron is portrayed as having a tight relationship with Jaq, the series’ main character.

Along with other crew members Dris, Jaq, and Romy, Kieron can be seen in Season 3’s crowded Summerhouse market. When Sarah and Lee, two undercover police agents, approach them in search of free narcotics, their world is turned upside down. They answer emphatically “no” in a society where trust is in short supply. It is clear that Kieron is devoted to Jaq and will go to any lengths for her.

Kieron and the rest of the Summerhouse crew are caught in the crossfire of competitor tensions, especially with the Fields gang, as the power equations in Summerhouse change with Dushane and Sully returning to leadership. As a result of Kieron’s involvement in illegal operations and drug-related activities, Jaq’s judgments cause even more unrest.

As he spends time with his mother Dianna while negotiating Summerhouse’s perils, Kieron’s role assumes greater importance in Season 4. He gets involved in saving Sully from being kidnapped, finding out what really happened with Ats’ kidnapping and murder, and helping Jaq, Romy, and Dushane dispose of Curtis’ body after a fatal fight.

Top Boy Season 5: What Happens to Kieron? Is he Dead?

The destiny of Kieron in “Top Boy” is a mystery that looms over the entire series, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. As the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that Kieron’s life is in jeopardy as a result of his engagement in the risky world of drug trafficking and criminality.

Kieron’s life dramatically changes in Season 5 after he is detained by immigration agency personnel. His friends and allies, including Jaq, Mandy, Romy, Bradders, Samsi, and Shelley, protest his imprisonment and vehemently call for his release. These demonstrations demonstrate the strong ties and allegiance that exist in Summerhouse, where even the outcasts are zealously protected by their neighbors.

Kieron’s future, despite the demonstrations and everyone’s efforts to win his freedom, is still in doubt. His arrest serves as a reminder of the ongoing danger experienced by those involved in Summerhouse Estate’s illegal activities.

Who was Kieron’s killer?

Who eventually decides Kieron’s fate in “Top Boy” is a crucial question with a significant bearing. The answer to this question reveals the brutal reality of Summerhouse’s harsh streets, where betrayal can have lethal repercussions.

The entire series demonstrates Kieron’s devotion to Jaq, his unfailing support, and his readiness to suffer for her. But as the narrative progresses, it becomes evident that Kieron’s actions, particularly his involvement in drug theft and his support of Jaq’s schemes, are not unseen.

Kieron’s fate is significantly influenced by Sully, a key character in the series who is renowned for his brutality and propensity to kill those who betray him. Sully intervenes when Kieron’s deception and support for Jaq’s actions are revealed.

When Sully confronts Kieron about his treachery, Kieron is taken aback. Kieron makes an effort to defend himself, blaming Jaq’s emotional instability on her bereavement. Sully, who is implacable and unyielding, does not consider Kieron’s justifications. Instead, he commands his soldiers to kill Kieron.

Kieron pays the ultimate price for his betrayal in a society where loyalty is highly valued but treason is confronted with rapid and terrible repercussions. Sully’s deeds serve as a sharp reminder of the ruthless character of the criminal underworld as it is portrayed in “Top Boy.”


The character played by Kieron Walker-Smith in “Top Boy” is a moving illustration of the difficulties of devotion, treachery, and survival in the harsh environment of Summerhouse Estate. His transformation from a devoted buddy to a sad figure highlights the serious stakes and harsh effects of the decisions made in this criminal thriller.

Viewers are forced to face the brutal reality of a world where betrayal can result in a ruthless demise as Kieron’s destiny hangs in the balance throughout the entire series. His life acts as a potent narrative thread in the complex tapestry of “Top Boy,” showing us that no one is truly safe in the struggle for survival and dominance.

In the end, Kieron’s destiny in “Top Boy” is proof of the show’s capacity to transport viewers to a setting where every choice has far-reaching repercussions. His persona makes a lasting impression, highlighting the show’s major themes and the erratic nature of life in Summerhouse Estate.


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