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[Series Finale] The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 24 Recap: Who Died?

the walking dead season 11 finale recap-

On Sunday, November 20, AMC’s The Walking Dead reaches an epic climax after 11 seasons of against-all-odds victories, painful defeats, and far too many Walker killings to count. While it’s sad to see the classic series come to an end. The original series is based on Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse comic.  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 24 Recap continue reading the recap at tvacute.com.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 24 Recap


Starting where “Family” left off, the episode began with Luke and Jules being bitten by walkers while our heroes fought them in an alley in the Commonwealth.  As she was being eaten, he was rushed to the hospital, where he gave his harmonica to Yumiko, Magna, Connie, and Kelly before dying from the injuries he got in the attack and amputation.

Darryl brought Judith into a hospital and yelled for assistance. She musters the fortitude to go bar the doors in front of a throng of walkers once he is ultimately knocked down. The two eventually drop out on the floor, and Judith is left without the assistance she requires. The situation is not going well outside; Jerry is devoured by a waker as the others are struggling for their lives.


In the hospital, Daryl awakens with a bandage covering his head. Carol is now in the room with the others, and Jerry, who is not in good health, is also present. There is sobbing in the room, Judith has lost a lot of blood, and it appears like Jerry won’t make it. Carol reports that Pamela grabbed everything and left everyone to fend for themselves, including the physicians, nurses, and medications. When Daryl inquires about Mercer, she replies that a squad is after him. Jerry has left.

Daryl informs Carol that his blood is compatible with anybody else’s and that he wants to give blood to Judith since his mother used to sell it when he was a child for money. A sheet is taken off Jerry on the opposite side of the room. When Max and Princess arrive to save Mercer from his padded jail, he is set free.

The majority of the heroes are present while Maggie loads up some guns, and they all depart in a military van. Rosita pulls off some ninja fighting on the walkers and saves the infants as Gabriel, Eugene, and Rosita are clearing out some walkers when they hear the baby wailing. Aaron telephones Gabriel, who informs him that everything is good and that they will meet at the hospital. Judith is out cold, but Darryl is still with her and gave her some blood.

Carol assures her that she will be okay, and he looks her in the eye before barricading the door so that he may go assist Carol. The walkers are becoming more intelligent and are breaking windows with rocks. To kill walkers and get to a safe location, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, and others are working furiously. They use a different entry to enter Judith’s room, grab the stretcher, and make every effort to find a safe location. Eugene, Rosie, and Gabriel are attempting to escape a mob. Eugene and Gabriel climb a pipe on a wall while Rosita follows them. When Rosita slips and seems to be dead, she kicks and walks them to an ambulance, climbs on top of it, and then jumps for her life to the pole on the wall and escapes. They manage to see Judith’s doctor at last. Lydia receives treatment for her amputated arm as well. Aaron informs her that she will occasionally still feel the arm there in an effort to console her. When she asks if he still has hope, he replies that he hasn’t given up. Maggie searches for Negan because she hasn’t seen him in a long. He is pursuing Pamela while carrying a firearm. He responds that there is no angle because he is doing this for her when she wonders what his. He claims that hell will pursue her if she kills Pamela, therefore he is going to force her to turn around. He claims that he was considering how she may have felt and that he is truly sorry for what he did to her and her children. She grabs the weapon and leaves, but she turns around and inquires as to his impending arrival.

Eugene approaches Rosita and offers to take the child off her hands for a time if she needs a break. In the summer, he invites her to take his daughter swimming at Oceanside. In all of his child-rearing research, he has a surprise for her: a scientific study claims that teaching a child to swim greatly benefits them, especially their confidence. He asks if she can, saying he couldn’t wait for summer. He informs her that she showed him that she had been bitten on the shoulder when she fell. Eugene is then instructed to stop crying and gather himself. She assures him that everything will be alright. She affirms her love for him when he declares how much he loves her. When Max asks Eugene whether he’s alright, he replies that he is and refuses to let her know about Rosita.

When Judith awakens, Daryl and Carol are with her; he nicknames her an ass-kicker. The sound of gunfire indicates that the Commonwealth is shooting anyone attempting to scale the gates. Mercer informs them that it is not their battle. Ezekiel declares that the location is worth defending, and he will not allow them to go without a battle. Everyone agrees, including Aaron. Pamela is on the other side and won’t open the gates despite the cries and screams from the outside population. She is in good hands with Maggie and Negan. Pamela demands to arrest Mercer when he and his crew enter the room, but she stops and counts his phone numbers instead. She is informed by Mercer that she killed a child, led the dead to their door, and then abandoned thousands of others to perish in the open. The horde is approaching, and people are pleading with you to let them in. When Gabriel moves to unlock the gate, Pamela orders him to be shot, and Daryl queries the Commonwealth as to what they are up to. They only have one foe, according to Daryl, and it’s not the zombies. Mercer arrests Pamela and orders the men to handcuff her before giving Gabriel the key. The gates are opened, everyone pours in, the horse is drawing near, and they quickly close the gates.

Pamela, who is standing near to the gate, recognises her son as one of the wakers. She approaches him, Maggie fires at him, saving Pamela, and then declares, “Now we take this place back.” Everyone is attempting to repel the horde, some of them are within the gates. As the walkers make their way to the Estates, music is played to gather them together in one spot. The estate is destroyed, and the horde perishes like burnt marshmallows. Carol thinks they made a bad decision to keep Pamela alive, but at least they don’t have to worry about who gets her house while Pamela is in a jail cell.

Maggie approaches Negan while he is seated outside and praises him for what he said after giving it some thought. She claims she now realizes she will never be able to forgive him. She will never love somebody the same way again because Glen is gone. She can still picture his smile and the way he made her feel. However, all she sees when she turns to face Negan is the blood, the bat coming down on his head, and his cries for help. She also heard Negan make fun of her while he was dying. As a result, she can’t forgive him, but she is happy that he saved her son. She also understands that he is trying, and she is trying, too. She doesn’t want to continue to hate him or allow her son to witness her hatred for anyone. He is free to remain. She just has her memories to fall back on, and she doesn’t want to remember Glen that way.

The survivors are then all shown eating dinner together, including Judith, at a table. Luke is toast by all. Daryle nods his head as he looks out at Megan. Rosita smiles as she scans the crowd. When Gabriel approaches her, she replies that everything is fine and that all she wants to do is remember this particular moment. She speaks softly in his ear, and as he turns to face her and holds her hand, she breaks down in tears. Despite this, she grins at him. Judith observes the conversation and immediately recognizes a problem.

As they lead Rosita into the room where Coco is dozing, Carol and Maggie give her a bear hug. Maggie, Carol, and Rosita exit the room while Daryl stands in the doorway and watches as they go into bed together. By the bed, Gabriel is bowed down and praying. When Gabriel stands up, he promises Rosita that they will meet again in the future. Gabriel removes Coco when Rosita kisses her. Eugene sits down with Rosita and tells her that if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be the guy he is today.

She engages with his hand. He is happy that it was him in the end, she says. Eugene begins to cry as Rosita averts her eyes. Then, a year later, we see Eugene putting flowers at a memorial wall with Rosita’s name on it. Then Mercer and Ezekiel appear; they are addressing a crowd of people. Daryl is present and appears to have never looked better. He is greeted with an embrace by Connie. Megan gives Judith a surprise gift—a compass bearing the initials JG—along with a note. In order to assist her dreams be guided, he is returning the object that has always helped him find his way, according to Megan. He appreciates her allowing him to use it.

Everyone is moving around, hugging each other, and it appears to be a pleasant environment. Daryl informs Carol that she improved Hornsby’s job when they sit down to chat. He assures her that they will never see each other again while she is sobbing. She introduces him as her best friend. They hug. They proceed to Daryl’s motorcycle, where they find Judith. He promises to bring Judith’s parents if he can locate them. She assures him that he is also entitled to a happy ending. He promises to return. Daryl then gives Ezekiel a final embrace before leaving Carol by herself. She declares her love for Daryl after hearing him tell her that he loves her. He simply keeps driving as he passes walkers on the road as he departs.


At the end of the series, When Rick is seen, he claims that he is constantly thinking about the deceased and the loved ones he has lost. Michonne claims that he considers everyone on a daily basis. Even when they are away, they will always be together. They each gave the other one irrepressible life, making them the parts of a whole. we caught a glimpse of Rick and Michonne writing letters to Judith. Based on how Michonne was dressed, she had joined the group she was with when we last saw her. He was being caught by soldiers in a CRM helicopter while wearing a CRM jacket. Still, Michonne told Judith, “I will find him because I know he is trying to find us.”


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