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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 4 Recap of “Sabotage”

The Rookie Season 3 Recap

The episode “Sabotage” begins with Nolan and Harper. As he arrives, they see that a man is wearing a cool clown mask. Danis opens the door, he has some photos, and instead he is taking a bribe. Nolan is spending time at his home and his mother is talking about buying and selling oil in the CBD. Jackson and west go jogging and join the Grey.. they are talking about the Stanton.

West and Stanton are patrolling. Stanton a man who he suspects. After investigation, it is revealed that he was passing through here.
On the complaint of a woman, Nolan goes to the backyard of their house and sees a man coming down in a spacecraft. Bradford and Chen find a criminal who steals their deliveries and when they find them. it’s a dog. They both chase the dog and they see that the dog is delivering that to a long bread guy.

Harper goes to fetch your daughter from the academy but at the academy, he realizes that it is too late.

Stanton and west stop a woman who broke the rule and when they ask to check their car, she reveals that it contains some guns that belong to her first husband. She is arrested for the crime of possessing a gun. Maybe the woman wants to kill her first husband. West tells Chen about the woman when the woman is investigated and discovers that she has a restraining order against her husband.

Grey’s wife talks to Nolan who is sitting with Harper. Chen tells him he just nods his head, don’t give any advice. Stanton tells Bradford that West is asking him every single question, so Bradford says that this is a sign of a good student. Sergeant of Lopez tells her that he has found a corpse in the bag, which was neither head nor has any clue. he is giving it to Vargas.
Grey calls Nolan and says that his mother has sold CBD oil to his wife, who bought it for $10,000.On hearing this, Nolan asks his mother to return all the money to him.
The station is crowded, Grey sees Nolan and telling him that he came to his office where his wife was waiting for him.

Nolan tells them that the oil is giving people rashes, and they are shocked that she sold snake oil. Nolan says that his mother knows nothing about it and he calls her.
Bradford and Chen go to speak to officer Owens, he used to work with Stanton. Chen says is he a racist. Officer says he doesn’t know. he only knows what Stanton can do to him and he goes from there.

Nolan gets the address of the CBD oil supplier, he goes there with the Grey without a uniform.
West and Stanton are sitting in the car together. There they see a dr#g deal happening here, they chase him to catch the man who was behind all these. And he is rude to Stanton, West is worried that he is going to beat the boy up, West calls Grey but gets his voicemail. Lopez tells Harper that she is pregnant and she is being reassigned for no reason.
In the next scene, Grey, Nolan, and his wife are at the supplier’s office. The boy tells Grey’s wife that he is not giving her any money back. When Gay’s wife goes out, a man sprays pepper in her eyes. She dials in 911. they find out that Nolan’s mother paid 2 thousand for the CBD oil, not 10 thousand.

Holly’s father meets Harper at the station and he thanks him as he has got his daughters enrolled in the academy. Bradford and West go to see Officier Owens, he got a promotion for having Stanton’s back. Stanton tells Grey, West left the backpack with the dru#s.
Nolan bids goodbye to his mother.


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