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The Regime Episode 4 Recap: Ending Explained!

The Regime eps 4

The fourth episode of The Regime is called “Midnight Feast,” and it takes place in a time of economic and social unrest. The country is in shock over the results of Elena’s choices, such as her decision to align herself with China and the fall of the sugar beet industry. Edward Keplinger, a former chancellor, sees a chance to get back into power and asks Zubak for help. Elena is having a bad day with the press after a security guard kills a pregnant woman at a protest. Elena’s personal problems are also shown in this episode, such as her perimenopausal crisis and her difficult relationship with Zubak.

The Regime Episode 4 Recap

The episode, called “Midnight Feast,” starts four months after the last one, when the country was in the middle of economic and political chaos. The Chancellor chooses to begin trade with China, which appears to be a wonderful idea but really leads to a lot of issues. Sugar plants in the area start shutting down because they can’t keep up with China’s low prices. The workers in Westgate are very angry about this, so they begin to protest.

A pregnant woman and a horse have a terrible accident at one of these protests, which makes Elena, the Chancellor, look very bad. Making things even worse, she deals with it in a way that makes people even more angry.

At the same time, Herbert meets Edward Keplinger while he is in jail. Hugh Grant plays a guest role as Edward Keplinger, a fake lefty who wants to take advantage of the unrest to get back into power. Owen Keplinger tries to get Herbert to work with him to get rid of Elena, but Herbert still loves Elena.

After a few months, Herbert is going crazy in jail. Every day, he has to listen to Elena’s radio talks, which is not helpful. He also sees that someone is watching him from the outside.

Elena is also having trouble. Because she is having hot flashes, she makes everyone in the house live in very cold places, which is not fun for anyone.

People on her council are worried about the trade deal with China because it’s bad for the economy and hurts local businesses. There will be no more sugar beet factories, and there will be more protesters.

In order to feel better about herself, Elena agrees to do a Q&A with some Westgate kids. Everything goes horribly wrong, though, and she says some awful things on live TV.

Edward Keplinger, who is also in jail, gives Herbert a gift while he is there. Some scary texts offer Agnes, who works for Elena, a way out of the house. She thinks about it, but ultimately chooses to remain true to Elena.

Elena has a bad time when she goes to a sugar beet plant. The workers won’t let her make peace with them, no matter what she does. She even gets a gift of sugar beet, but she throws it away as soon as no one is looking.

The Regime Episode 4 Recap: Ending Explained!

When Herbert gets out of jail and kills Edward Keplinger, things go very badly. Elena takes advantage of this by making herself look like a hero who is keeping the country safe from Western plots. It doesn’t matter that Agnes is worried about her son’s health; she bans Western electronics and locks down the castle. Herbert shockingly tells Elena he loves her, and the two of them get into a fight with Nicky, Elena’s husband.

At the end of the episode, Herbert and Elena have a passionate kiss, which shows how twisted their relationship is. Herbert storms into Elena’s office and tells her in a rude and angry way that he loves her. When Nicky, Elena’s husband, tries to stop them, they start intensely kissing while ignoring him. Herbert fiercely pushes Nicky away, which shows how much he loves Elena. Nicky is taken out of the room by Elena’s advisors, leaving Elena and Herbert to continue their painful and risky friendship.

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