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The Chi Season 5 Episode 3: Tribute to Max Soroko in Title Card

the chi season 5 eps 3 Max Soroko

We noticed a title card after the events of a Christmas-themed episode, The Chi season 5 episode 3 saying that it was dedicated to his memory. Given that title cards are frequently the best method for a presentation like this to remember individuals who have passed away, this is a moving gesture. Additionally, it piques interest and enables viewers to comprehend who that individual was and what they meant to the series as a whole. They are featured in all subsequent broadcasts of the episode. So, Who is Max Soroko? let’s explain.

We are speaking of Max Soroko who was crucial to the airing of numerous episodes throughout the years. he contributed to ten episodes. Unfortunately, Soroko departed away before he could have made even more of an impact on The Chi and the wider television business. His first significant credit came back in 2018, thus he was still very fresh in the industry. Max Soroko’s family and friends are in our thoughts during this sad time.

Prior to his passing, he worked in the post-production division of other shows like The X-Files, Queen of the South (In three episodes), and American Auto (contributed in ten episodes). He functioned as both a post-production coordinator and post-production supervisor on the series. He was one of those unsung heroes in the business of TV who never get the right credit for their efforts; his job was to take the video filmed on location and work to compile it later on with a number of committed team members. When the vast majority of the cast and crew of a show never appear on-screen, it can be challenging.

We are thankful for the tribute that The Chi provided at the end of the third episode, and it is likely not missed by the cast and crew how fitting this tribute was for a Christmas episode. During this time, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about the people you cherish most, which frequently includes your family. Whether you are on-site or working remotely in another region of the country, working on a television show can seem like an extended family. You have a clear, shared objective in mind as you work.

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