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[Apple TV+] “The Changeling” Episode 3 Recap

The relationship between Apollo and Emma starts to fall apart inThe Changeling episode two. After their brief courtship and the birth of their son Brian, it is evident that Emma’s health is getting worse. She fights with Apollo, has hallucinations, and her paranoia gets worse. The series’ fundamental foundation is shaken by Emma’s spiral into darkness, which ends in a startling revelation about her real origins and a terrifying act. The plot of “The Changeling” Episode 3 takes a dramatic and dark turn, giving more information about the complicated and enigmatic events involving the protagonists, particularly Apollo Kagwa and his wife, Emma Valentine. An overview of what transpired in Episode 3 is given below:
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“The Changeling” Episode 3 Recap

In The Changeling Episode 3, Brian is imprisoned in the bedroom with aluminum foil covering the windows, while Apollo (LaKeith Stanfield) is chained to a chair. Emma is now messy and unnerving, and she handles hot water with her bare hands without showing any signs of distress. The only thing Apollo is asking Emma to do is spare their child. He implores her to leave Brian alone, but she ignores him. Emma (Clark Backo) uses a hammer to knock him out and then locks herself and Brian in the room with a pot of boiling water.

In a chilling reflection on fortitude in the face of such horrors, the narrator highlights Apollo’s unselfish preference for the safety of his infant over his own life. Fearful doubts regarding Emma’s goals and the forces at work in this nightmare situation are raised by her acts.  While Apollo fights for his life, the story also goes back in time to highlight Lillian’s background.

The mother of Apollo, Lillian, had her own struggles. She was forced to work on Saturdays as punishment from her supervisor for turning down his advances. As a result, Apollo was forced to spend a significant amount of time alone. These glimpses into Lillian’s past help put Apollo’s childhood and the difficulties his family encountered in perspective.

Once again in the present, we see Apollo make a full recovery and meet his friend Patrice, a veteran. Apollo may be struggling with the repercussions of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to Patrice’s astute observation. He gives Apollo a direct, yet sympathetic warning about the probable repercussions of his self-destructive course.

Apollo travels to the library where Emma used to work. He confronts her former coworkers in this location in an effort to learn more about her whereabouts. Apollo becomes more desperate as it becomes apparent that Emma is missing rather than dead.

The episode intriguingly opens at a survivors’ gathering at a church when one participant displays the same symptoms that bothered Emma before her stunning conduct. This participant discusses the phenomenon of messages that vanish and offers examples. The notion that Emma’s experiences were only hallucinations is called into question by this revelation. It implies the presence of a more powerful supernatural force that affects not only Emma but also many other survivors in New York.

When Apollo goes to the church where Emma had planned to baptize Brian, his quest for information takes an unexpected turn. To demonstrate his good behavior while on parole, he meets Father Hagen and asks for the priest’s signature. A survivor’s meeting is currently taking place at the church, but one participant’s account of paranormal activities raises concerns about the true nature of Emma’s wishes.

Apollo is convinced that an extraterrestrial force is at work because he recalls severing a wishing thread from Emma’s wrist and because of his encounter with Father Hagen. The notion that Emma has turned into a witch or is connected to witches lends a mystical dimension to the narrative, weaving postpartum depression and mental health difficulties together.


The compelling storyline of The Changeling blurs the boundaries between the natural and supernatural worlds. It is both thought-provoking and terrifying in its examination of postpartum psychosis, parenthood, and the disintegration of a family’s lives. The show encourages viewers to think about the presence of forces that are beyond our understanding and how they affect the human psyche.

Although “The Changeling” juggles several timeframes and perspectives, it leaves many unanswered issues, fostering debate about the true nature of Emma’s wishes and the sinister events in New York. The show’s premise is demonstrated by its ability to combine aspects of horror and fantasy with issues of mental health and parenting, but it also presents difficulties in keeping a consistent storyline.

In order to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, the series promises to divulge more information about the mystery events and the characters’ destinies as it goes on. It has all the makings of an engrossing and thought-provoking story, yet it remains to be seen whether it can master the challenges of its storyline.

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