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Ted Lasso Season 3: Roy Kent and Trent Crimm’s Past Explained!

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In Apple+ Series Ted Lasso,  Roy (Brett Goldstein) was one of the most challenging players for Ted to influence because of his fiery demeanor and his tendency to speak his mind . In the end, he was able to win over Roy’s wary friendship, thanks in no small part to Roy’s new partner, Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) — the ex-girlfriend of Kent’s opponent, Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster). Despite Roy’s undying passion for the sport, he was forced to retire at the end of Season 1 due to his advanced age.

Kent barely gets by in Season 2 while coaching his niece’s youth football team. His foul language ensured he wouldn’t be a suitable fit for any of these jobs, including the brief stint he got as a sportscaster. Roy realized he still cared about and had a future with AFC Richmond, so he joined Ted’s coaching staff as an assistant manager alongside Beard and Nate (Nick Mohammed). Season Three of “Ted Lasso” Where can we find out more about Roy Kent, Trent Crimm’s past? As we saw in tonight’s episode 2 of Ted Lasso Season 3, Trent Crimm made his first appearance of the season and revealed a major plot point. Why does Roy Kent despise the former Independent journalist?  (tvacute.com) Here we explained everything.

Ted Lasso Season 3: Roy Kent and Trent Crimm’s Past Explained!

Though he may not show it outwardly, Roy Kent is a very emotional man. Although Roy’s default attitude is one of imperturbability, he is struggling to keep his emotions hidden as life continues to throw him unexpected twists and turns. He isn’t just hurting emotionally from his separation from Keeley. Now that it’s out, he’s fielding expressions of sympathy and concern from all around. He is concerned that Trent Crimm will write a negative book on Richmond, and not just for the usual reasons. The fact that Trent is always around is a constant reminder of an old wound.

Roy immediately begins trying to derail Trent’s book project after Ted lets the team in on the secret that he’s writing one. Even if Roy and Trent didn’t have a past, which only Roy remembers, this would be comprehensible. Roy hates Trent so much that he pops a lot of balloons when Trent is trying to take a phone conversation, yet sharing an office with Roy (a Ted idea) surely should have made Trent ponder why Roy hates him so much. This, however, did not continue for as long as Roy had anticipated. Just before the episode’s conclusion, Ted ordered the two to talk things out, and the lesson we took away from that was both straightforward and crucial.

At halftime of the Chelsea game, when Roy insists that the team not cooperate with Trent, the players become silent just as Jamie is about to suggest a strategy that would bring them back in the game, and Ted stops messing about. Roy and Trent have a meeting when the truth is revealed. Trent, then a fresh columnist looking to make his mark, wrote harshly about Roy’s Premier League debut when Roy was only 17 years old. Trent and Roy had an argument, and thereafter Trent apologizes, and Roy accepts him as a club member. Although he may not exactly “welcome” Trent, he does quit trying to stand in his path. Returning to the changing room, the plot thickens, and they succeed (aided by a fortunate ricochet off of Dani’s face).

Overall, it seems like that has shifted. In a remarkable scene, the two were able to put an end to their feud after realizing that they are not completely dissimilar. They were both teenage hotheads who believed they had complete freedom to do as they pleased. So they knew they had to forget their differences and move on from the past.

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