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Succession Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Gojo CEO Matsson’s Big Secret

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Succession Season 5  Episode 7 returns on Election Eve, with hosts Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) becoming the most dysfunctional and belligerent pair to open their home to guests. The brothers’ CEOs, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) are still looking for methods to sour the deal and prevent media disruptor Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgrd) from acquiring the family business, and so they’re not happy that he’ll be among the attendance. Since patriarch Logan Roy’s death, the stakes have been extremely high in every episode, and tonight’s tense bargaining is no different. To find out what occurs at the end of the seventh episode of Season 4 of “Succession,” click here. You can find it at tvacute.com.

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Tom starts off the week on a high note by bringing Shiv breakfast and a new poll that puts Jimenez four points ahead of Mencken on election eve. That night, before the election, Tom presents Shiv with a scorpion in a glass case and says a gift for the party they are throwing in his honor. He was joking, but she wasn’t having it. Rava, Kendall’s ex-wife, tells him that their daughter Sophie was the victim of racial bullying at the hands of a man wearing a T-shirt supporting ATN’s controversial anchor Mark Ravenhead. Kendall is distraught and at first, tries to blame Rava, but she eventually turns the blame back on him.

At breakfast with Kendall, Shiv, and Connor, Roman is trying to find out more information on Matsson, while Connor is trying to finalize arrangements for Logan’s burial. They are at a loss as to who should deliver the eulogy, so they are putting that decision on hold for now. Kendall asks Shiv if he can invite her ex Nate to her party because he’s high up in the Jimenez campaign and might be able to snarl up the GoJo deal in bureaucratic red tape. Shiv agrees, but she immediately calls Lukas to inform him that he must attend the party to make amends. While Tom is busy crying crocodile tears and firing a number of Waystar employees over Zoom, she is exchanging raunchy texts with him. Greg finishes the meeting.

Tom is worn out from all the election campaigning and the party caterers are putting little American flags in mini hamburgers. However, when Shiv informs him that Nate is on his way, his expression drops even lower, and he greets Nate awkwardly. In light of the dismal poll numbers, Mencken’s team has asked Roman to get Connor to withdraw from the contest. Roman suggests that if Connor still declines, Mencken might give him the position of U.S. ambassador to Mogadishu. As a memorial to Logan, Kendall gives a speech in which he says, “We watch history, we make history, and then one day we become it.” Suddenly, Lukas enters with his GoJo buddies Oskar and Ebba.

Lukas Matsson appreciates her apartment and wonders who gets it in the divorce while Shiv acts as if he has no idea why he is there. He takes Shiv aside, and she gives him advice on how to act and who to talk to. Connor and his advisor Maxim Pierce tell Roman that they find the name “Mogadishu” to be demeaning. However, when Roman brings up Oman, he takes notice. After the GoJo acquisition of Waystar, Nate informs Matsson that Jimenez is worried about who would have access to sensitive customer information. Lukas reassures Jimenez that he is a better choice. As he looks at Tom from across the room, it’s clear he also has plans to shake things up at ATN. Nate then expresses his sympathy to Kendall, but Kendall immediately shifts the conversation to criticizing the GoJo deal. In exchange for tighter oversight from the government, the Jimenez administration promises, “We give you a better ride.”

Shiv praises Lukas Matsson for his charisma but makes it clear that she intends to play “a very significant role” in the new company. Kendall learns from Roman that his spies discovered Lukas’s blood donation to Ebba. While Kendall desperately tries to woo Nate, he just isn’t “comfortable with the tenor of this situation” and isn’t interested in hooking up with ATN. If Kendall keeps pushing, Nate will inform him. Greg interrupts Matsson’s talk with Oskar and Ebba while Connor tries to pitch Willa on the benefits of living in Oman. They are impressed, though, by Greg’s list of former employees. When Ebba storms off in a rage, Kendall and Roman give her sympathy while also bringing up the topic of sending blood. She retorts, before inserting the word “India.”

Kendall and Roman have hurried over to inform Shiv: CEO Lukas Matsson of GoJo lied wildly about the company’s popularity in India. When Shiv confronts Lukas, the latter admits that he made a mistake when doubling the India figures. Roman tries to explain why he fired Gerri but she tells him she has hired a lawyer, and until he pays up, she’s going to sue and publish all of his inappropriate text messages. So when Connor tells Roman he won’t be dropping out of the race after all, Roman is already upset. After a long silence, Roman explodes. In the end, they embrace and express their mutual satisfaction with the agreement.

The two have a private conversation out on the balcony, where Shiv reveals her worry about Lukas. But she’s the one warning everyone at the party that he could lose his job. Tom argues she’s selfish and shouldn’t have married him. She was willing to send him away to prison, but now she says, “And you won’t have my baby.” The volume drops: “I don’t like you,” she says quietly. You have zero importance to me. She wiped her eyes and returned to the celebration, saying, “You don’t deserve me, and you never did.

At the end of the party, Kendall tells Frank the truth about the statistics in India and suggests a “reverse Viking” in which Waystar buys GoJo instead. Only one king can rule. Tom informs everyone at the party that he’s going to fall asleep and they should all leave, but they all just laugh it off as he travels upstairs. Shiv says, “F—k Tom,” and both Kendall and Roman respond in kind. The two others agree with Roman’s offer to let him give the eulogy at Logan’s burial. Shiv and Tom don’t share a bed that night. Tom, however, cannot sleep despite his exhaustion.

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