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Station 19 Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Good Grief


Tonight on ABC, “Station 19” returns with an emotional episode titled “Good Grief,” where we witness the team navigating through personal and professional challenges. Ben and Theo get a scary Crisis One call, and Jack Gibson is trying to deal with the hard truth of his new life. A shocking diagnosis is given to Maya Bishop and Carina DeLuca, and Travis Montgomery finds out about a shocking turn of events at Dixon’s wake. On the other hand, Vic goes with Beckett to a family wake.

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At the beginning of the show, Jack gets bad news from the doctor: he can’t work as a firefighter anymore because the burns on his brain are too bad. Because Jack doesn’t want to accept this, he gets a second opinion, but the result is the same. He reluctantly admits that his days as a firefighter are over, which leaves him to think about a new job path.

At the same time, Andy Herrera, who is now captain, plans a dinner for Jack to cheer him up. In addition to this, she also gives out tasks for vaccine day, which is a very important event that needs to be carefully planned and carried out. Victoria “Vic” Hughes and Montgomery are both going to different funerals, so Andy is short-staffed and asks Kate to fill in, even though Kate’s relationship with Theo in the past makes things awkward.

As the team gets ready for vaccine day, Jack stays on-site to offer his advice on how to deal with certain patients, especially those who want to remain anonymous because they have been abused in the past. But the fact that he can’t fully participate is a harsh reminder of the limits he has now.

During the day, a nanny who has been hurt in the head shows up at the firehouse with scary signs like bleeding and confusion. Because the team thinks the nanny and the kids she cares for might have a disease that can spread, they take extra steps and keep them away from each other until they hear from the CDC. Carina and Maya work hard to stabilize the nanny’s condition. They finally find a spider web rash on her body, which makes the diagnosis even harder.

At the same time, Ben Warren and Theo answer a Crisis One call about a fight between a mother and boy. With guns in hand, the son shoots a warning shot, which makes things worse. Even though things are getting dangerous, Ben and Theo are able to calm things down and make sure everyone is safe.

As the day goes on, personal events happen. When Sullivan asks Ross to marry him, Ross hesitates. Jack’s disappearance leads to a search, which ends with a sweet meeting at the firehouse. Carina and Maya get permission to foster a baby, which changes the way they feel about each other.

The episode ends with a family dinner at the firehouse, where Jack, despite his problems, finds comfort in the friendship of his coworkers. Montgomery knows how bad his cheating was and has to deal with the results of his actions.

In a touching ending, the mother from the first call takes steps to get her son’s guns taken away because she knows he is a danger to himself and others.

The second episode of Season 7 of “Station 19” expertly mixes personal and work problems, creating an interesting story that sticks with viewers. Check back next time for more news and reviews. Stay tuned to tvacute.com for more “Station 19” news, sneak peeks, and highlights.

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