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Is Society of the Snow Based on Flight 571 Real Events?

society of the snow real events
“Society of the Snow,” a thrilling movie directed by J.A. Bayona. With a mostly Uruguayan and Argentine cast, the movie takes viewers deep into the cold landscapes of the Andes mountains and tells the story of a group of people who had to deal with impossible hardships to stay alive.
As we learn more about the story, we see that it not only shows how strong people can be, but also honors the survivors and victims by creating a moving tapestry of friendship, sacrifice, and the unbreakable human spirit. tvacute delves into the details.
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Is Society of the Snow Based on Real Events?

Yes, “Society of the Snow” is based on true events. The movie does a great job of showing what happened with Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in 1972. A plane hired to take a rugby club from Montevideo to Santiago for a game crashed on a glacier in the Andes mountains, killing everyone on board. Only 29 of the 45 people on board escaped the first crash, putting them in one of the toughest places in the world. The survivors had to deal with terrible conditions like freezing temperatures, avalanches, and a desperate need for food, which led to the famous choice to eat each other.

The movie is based on Pablo Vierci‘s book of the same name, which carefully details what the 16 survivors went through. It was while studying for his 2012 movie “The Impossible” that director J.A. Bayona came across Vierci’s book and felt moved to bring this lesser-known story to the forefront of movies. Over 100 hours of interviews with live survivors were recorded by the filmmakers as part of their extensive research. The survivors and families of the victims were also actively involved in the making of the film.

Pablo Vierci, who wrote the book that the movie was based on, was also an associate director of the project. His point of view on the story was very important in shaping the story. Vierci stressed how important it was to tell the story from the dead’s point of view, seeing it as the story of 45 people who went through terrible things and created a society where kindness and humanity ruled.

Bayona’s careful method included using Candombe music from Uruguay and honoring the dead through on-screen tributes, which gave the movie more cultural depth. Both Bayona and Vierci agreed that the choice to have the voice of Numa Turcatti, played by Enzo Vogrincic and who died soon before the rescue, tell the story of the movie was a purposeful one.

One of the survivors who saw the movie, Gustavo Zerbino‘, talked about how deeply and viscerally it affected him. He said it felt like being submerged “into boiling water,” remembering very clearly the 70 days of fight and survival in the snow-covered Andes. Zerbino praised J.A. Bayona’s honest and raw way of showing what they went through, and he agreed that even though the feelings came up again during the movie, the two-and-a-half-hour length gave viewers a break from those strong emotions.
He thought that other stories about the Andes disaster were missing something important, and “Society of the Snow” filled that gap. He said that the movie, which was based on Pablo Vierci’s book, gave the survivors the full story they had been looking for years. The movie was a key part of their experience that helped them put it all together.
Carlitos Páez, another survivor who turned 19 while he was stuck and played his father in the movie, stressed how important it was to stay as true to the truth as possible. As a proud Uruguayan, he took part in the film and liked how it looked at more than just their national character.

“Society of the Snow” is even more real because it is based on real events and had a huge effect on people who were directly involved with the tragedy. The real survivors, their families, and people who helped with the escape worked on the movie, making sure that the story stays true to what happened on the Andes flight. Because of this, the movie is an honest and moving portrayal of an important and scary part of history.

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