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Shameless Season 10 Episode 8 – ‘Debbie Might Be a Prostitute’

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Thrilled for showtime’s Shameless season 10 next episode 8? There is another new episode landing on Showtime one week from now, it’s titled ‘Debbie Might Be a Prostitute‘, the episode was directed by Rose Troche.

In the last episode 7, we saw Frank, the patriarch, rather unamused when a couple left with the infant he had moved toward selling. Debbie, who is attempting to lead the family currently, ended up securing a fight with Pepa. In the meantime, Tami and Lip ended up investigating their association with one another and the child they have brought into the world. Not all things are hunky-dory with the Gallagher family, which is the place the new scene gets.

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Release Date

Shameless Season 10 Episode 8 is scheduled to air on Showtime on December 29, 2019, at 9 PM ET.


Debbie weighs the pros and cons of a new career path; Frank uncovers the truth about Faye’s living situation; a miscommunication between Ian and Mickey has disastrous consequences; Lip and Tami disagree over who should be taking care of Fred.


It centers around the different issues that keep on plaguing the family, including Frank getting some answers concerning Faye’s living circumstance, while Tami and Lip differ over who should deal with Fred.

Truth be told, even Ian and Mickey, who are close, have a miscommunication with tragic results. Debbie (Emma Kenney) faces a lady she laid down with who left her cash after the night was finished.

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