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What Are The ‘Selling Sunset’ Cast Net Worth?

What Are The 'Selling Sunset' Cast Net Worth

Selling Sunset Cast Net Worth – Selling Sunset, one of Netflix’s most-watched reality shows, keeps audiences hooked with its exciting mix of high-stakes drama and breathtaking properties. At its center lies The Oppenheim Group – a reputable Los Angeles real estate agency known for specializing in luxury properties – with agents often embroiled in eye-opening yet often hilarious situations. From burgers and Botox injections to luxurious mansions – Selling Sunset provides viewers with an engaging viewing experience.

Selling Sunset features an ensemble cast with unique personalities, each contributing their own special flair to the show. Chrishell Stause stands out among them as she consistently secures multi-million-dollar deals through the Oppenheim Group’s tireless involvement both in real estate transactions and production of Selling Sunset over six seasons and with an anticipated seventh one still underway – though Christine Quinn will no longer appear after this season, giving way to newcomers Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young.

Selling Sunset’s cast members possess considerable market value due to their success in the industry. Below is more detailed information regarding each individual and who is among their highest earners.

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Selling Sunset Cast’s Net Worth

As they move through this season of the Netflix real estate show, viewers will see ten members from the Oppenheim Group taking part, including Jason and Brett Oppenheim themselves. Two newcomers to the cast will bring fresh perspectives and dynamics to the series, while two familiar faces from previous seasons return for another appearance, creating an engaging ensemble experience for the audience. Stay tuned as this exciting season unfurls before your very eyes!

1. Jason Oppenheim (50 Million dollars).

Jason Oppenheim, the owner and real estate broker at Oppenheim Group and widely recognized broker, reportedly boasted a net worth of $50 Million as of 2023, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com. His impressive educational credentials included graduating from both undergraduate and law school at the University of California Berkeley before going on to found and lead Oppenheim Group with his wealth of knowledge and experience at their core – ultimately contributing to its operations and achievements.

2. Brett Oppenheim (5 Million Dollars).

Brett Oppenheim, property negotiator and sibling of Jason Oppenheim, has an estimated net worth of $50 Million, according to Spiky TV. Brett’s professional role within the Oppenheim Group involves expertly navigating property negotiations while contributing to its success. With education from both UC Berkeley and UCLA under his belt – earning his bachelor’s and law degrees, respectively – these academic accomplishments likely contributed greatly towards shaping his expertise and proficiency within the real estate field; his knowledge and experience are valuable assets that continue to support and shape his contributions within Oppenheim Group initiatives and ventures.

3. Bre Tiesi ($40,000 – $60,000)

Property broker Bre Tiesi will join Selling Sunset as a regular cast member, potentially adding her signature snarkiness much like Christine Quinn did before joining The Oppenheim Group. Before her time with them, Bre pursued modeling and real estate careers at Keller Williams Beverly Hills.

Bre is not currently making public statements regarding her wealth; however, it is worth pointing out that she and Nick Cannon share a son named Legendary Love, who may provide significant financial compensation; additionally, Selling Sunset cast members typically receive substantial paychecks that contribute significantly to their finances and well-being. It seems likely that Bre will soon begin receiving substantial paychecks to ensure her well-being further financially.

Nick Cannon has also been reported as providing each mother of his two children an allowance ranging between $40,000 and $60,000. This additional financial support could enormously affect Bre’s overall financial situation.

Bre Tiesi may remain understated regarding her wealth; however, her participation in Selling Sunset and closeness to Nick Cannon suggest the possibility of substantial earnings and financial security.

4. Mary Fitzgerald ($1 Million)

Mary Fitzgerald from The Oppenheim Group has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million, as reported by The Sun. Mary began her real estate career back in 2008 and quickly established a name for herself within the industry, eventually being welcomed as one of its valued members into The Oppenheim Group.

Selling Sunset’s third season shed light on Mary’s personal life, particularly her relationships with Romain Bonnet and Christine Quinn and any potential rivalries. Mary added an exciting layer of drama and excitement to Selling Sunset that viewers found riveting, so fans will no doubt welcome news that Mary will return for its sixth season and continue captivating audiences with her presence.

Mary Fitzgerald’s success in real estate and her recurring role in Selling Sunset demonstrate her importance both within her field and on television. Viewers will gain additional insights into Mary Fitzgerald’s professional and personal endeavors as seasons unfold.

5. Nicole Young ($3m)

Nicole Young has an estimated wealth of $3 Million. Since 2014 she has been part of the Oppenheim Group, a regular cast member this season. According to Netflix, she is recognized as among the group’s top agents due to her impressive sales volume exceeding $100 Million.

Nicole’s selection as a regular cast member marks her rising status within the Oppenheim Group and her appreciation of her real estate successes. With an impressive track record of successful transactions, Nicole has established herself as an unwavering force in the market.

As viewers tune in for Season 5, they can look forward to getting to know Nicole Young better and witnessing her professionalism and dedication as a property broker unfold. Her inclusion adds new depth and dimension to the Selling Sunset experience.

6. Emma Hernan ($3 Million)

Emma Hernan, a real estate broker and entrepreneur, joined Selling Sunset as an original cast member during season 4. According to Spoilertv.info, Emma boasts an estimated net worth of $3 Million and operates Emma Leigh & Co. as part of her professional pursuits.

Emma discussed her background by noting her significant influence in the food industry in transitioning into real estate. She stressed the connections she formed while working in food to advance her real estate career further, and being a female CEO and entrepreneur has also provided unique perspectives and opportunities in her story.

Emma recently spoke with People about her early involvement with investing, having begun investing at an early age. This shows Emma’s proactive and entrepreneurial nature; she recognized the benefits of financial investing early on, taking steps to take advantage of them.

Emma Hernan’s diverse career as both a real estate broker and an entrepreneur in the packaged food industry provides depth and variety to her professional profile. Emma provides unique perspectives while inspiring others with her achievements by sharing her extensive experiences and entrepreneurial mindset with Selling Sunset’s dynamic ensemble of agents and clients.

7. Chelsea Lazkani ($500,000)

Chelsea Lazkani, real estate agent and mother-of-two, joined The Oppenheim Group for Season 5 of Selling Sunset. According to estimates by Spoilertv.info, her net worth is estimated at approximately $500,000. Chelsea hails from London, where she received both her BA and MA degrees before relocating to Los Angeles, where she pursued an MBA degree.

Before her involvement with Selling Sunset, Chelsea worked in real estate at Rodeo Realty. Josh Flagg of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles fame was also associated with Rodeo Realty at one point.

Jeff Lazkani, Chelsea’s husband, is reported to have an estimated net worth of around $500,000.

Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani make a successful couple with their respective careers and financial standing, bringing an eclectic flair to Selling Sunset’s cast that demonstrates their shared ambition and entrepreneurial pursuits.

8. Amanza Smith ($1 Million)

In 2020, interior designer and real estate agent Amanza Smith had an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Before receiving her real estate license, she gained experience working in home staging and interior decoration fields.

Season 3 of Selling Sunset provided viewers with an intimate look into Amanza Smith’s personal life, from her divorce and relationship with former NFL star Ralph Brown through to single parenting challenges she encountered and struggles balancing personal and professional obligations – giving more depth to Amanza as an individual character on screen.

Amanza’s unique combination of interior design experience and real estate agent capabilities make for an impressive career path. Her experiences and personal stories create a relatable narrative, drawing in viewers of Selling Sunset.

9. Heather Rae El Moussa ($3 Million)

Spikytv.com reports Heather Rae El Moussa as having amassed a net worth of $3 Million. Her professional journey began in February 2015 when she started working with high-net-worth clients at The Oppenheim Group. Alongside real estate salesperson and acting career – which includes appearing in multiple films – and Playboy Playmate duties, Heather has also ventured into acting. Heather’s diverse ventures, like Selling Sunset, sponsored Instagram posts, and real estate ventures, all help add to her accumulated wealth.

Tarek El Moussa is estimated to be worth an estimated $15 million, and their wedding was featured prominently in Selling Sunset’s Season 5 as an intimate look into their personal lives. Heather’s journey across Selling Sunset was also marked by major life events like her recent son being born. Indeed, season 6 was shot while Heather was pregnant to capture this significant stage in her life!

Heather’s combination of real estate expertise, entertainment industry involvement, and personal milestones, as featured on Selling Sunset, makes for an interesting character study. Heather and her husband’s combined net worth signify their financial success and the future opportunities ahead for their family.

10. Romain Bonnet ($1 – $5 Million)

Romain Bonnet, an estimable project manager and model with an estimated wealth between $1 and $5 Million according to The Express estimates, hailing from France and marrying Mary Fitzgerald near the end of Season 2 of Selling Sunset, is believed to have amassed between that amount and $5 Million according to estimates by The Express. In an interview with Women’s Health, Mary disclosed that Romain has since participated in construction work. Mary also disclosed to Women’s Health that Romain currently works at The Oppenheim Group, where Mary disclosed he now also serves as their project manager offering support throughout each process!

Romain’s net worth remains unknown, adding an air of mystery to his financial standing. However, his real estate and construction work shows his contributions to Oppenheim Group clients as he provides comprehensive support. Romain and Mary demonstrate their strong partnership and shared commitment towards the success of professional endeavors through his diverse skill set and ongoing collaboration.

11. Christine Quinn ($3 Million)

One of the central characters on the show, Christine Quinn, is a real estate agent specializing in luxury markets. Although her bank account fluctuated significantly throughout her time as an agent, CelebrityNetWorth.com reports her current net worth at $3 Million – her bank balance hit as high as $5 Million back in 2022 and dropped down as low as $500,000 just three years later!

Christine began her career in fashion and entertainment before leaping into real estate, where she has made a big mark. Additionally, Christine is married to Christian Richard, who reportedly has an estimated net worth of $20 Million, and together, they make an exceptional team at The Oppenheim Group.

Christine also published “How to Be a Boss B*tch,” reflecting on her experiences and providing guidance and inspiration to individuals looking for success in their respective fields.

Christine Quinn’s appearance on Selling Sunset attracted immense recognition due to her outgoing personality, unique fashion sense, and professional achievements. Christine’s ventures in real estate, writing, and marriage to an accomplished entrepreneur showcase her multifaceted endeavors and create a vivid portrait of herself as an individual.

12. Vanessa Villela ($5 Million)

Vanessa Villela, who joined Selling Sunset as an agent in Season 4, boasts an impressive net worth that rivals Chrishell’s. According to Bustle estimates, Vanessa is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million through her successful acting career and real estate endeavors. Before embarking on real estate, Vanessa enjoyed a prominent presence on Mexican television programs, regularly appearing as herself on various shows.

Vanessa brings extensive entertainment industry experience and skill sets to her role as a real estate agent on Sunset Strip. Her wealth reflects her accomplishments as an actress and her recognition through her acting career.

As they dive into Season 4 of Selling Sunset, viewers will follow Vanessa as she navigates the treacherous waters of the real estate alongside her castmates. Vanessa brings diversity and adds another dynamic layer to Selling Sunset’s cast dynamics, contributing to its appeal.

13. Maya Vander ($1 Million)

According to estimates by Spiky TV, Maya Vander, an estate broker valued at an estimated value of approximately $1 Million, is featured prominently on Season 5 of Selling Sunset as she commutes between Miami and Los Angeles to handle significant property listings. Tragically, during the 38th week of gestation Maya experienced the loss of her third child; since then, she has welcomed four babies.

As reported by The Sun, Maya is currently working for both The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles and a company in Miami as a real estate professional. Since relocating permanently to Miami, she has also begun teaching her own online real estate course to share her knowledge and empower other real estate endeavors. Her dedication exemplifies Maya’s desire to share her expertise and empower other real estate ventures.

Selling Sunset follows Maya on her journey as she navigates personal and professional challenges and triumphs with strength, determination, resilience, and commitment – showing both strengths as a real estate professional and a mother. Maya adds depth and emotional resonance to Selling Sunset; unfortunately, she will no longer return for season 6.

14. Davina Potratz ($2 Million)

Davina Potratz, an agent and broker in the real estate industry, reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million, as estimated by Spiky TV. Before her real estate career, Davina pursued modeling. However, in 2006 she obtained her real estate license – representing an important shift in her professional path.

Davina’s experience as a model no doubt contributed to her understanding of aesthetics and design, an attribute which proved valuable when she started in real estate sales and transactions. After receiving her real estate license, she embarked on a new journey using her skillset to navigate property sales transactions successfully.

Davina Potratz’s net worth reflects her achievements and success within the real estate industry. She is combining modeling experience with being a licensed agent/broker positions her as an invaluable member of the Oppenheim Group. Through appearances on Selling Sunset, Davina continues to amaze audiences with her insights and professional journey.

15. Chrishell Stause ($5 Million)

Chrishell Stause is best known as both an actress and real estate agent; according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, she is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Before entering the real estate industry, she appeared as an actor on popular soap operas such as Days of Our Lives and The Young and Restless before joining The Oppenheim Group after earning her real estate license – joining his former flame Justin Hartley who joined later. Chrishell also showcases her versatility by publishing the “Under Construction” book and appearing on the TV show “Dancing with Stars.”

Chrishell made headlines when she made headlines when she purchased a magnificent Hollywood Hills property for an astounding $3.3 million, as reported by House Beautiful. This breathtaking hillside mansion, as seen on House Beautiful’s program, is a testament to Chrishell’s exquisite tastes and investment acumen in luxury real estate.

Chrishell Stause has established herself as an impressively versatile individual through her various endeavors in both filmmaking and real estate, earning success and leaving an imprint in both industries.


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