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‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 4 [Beloved] Recap


Secret Invasion‘s fourth episode, “Beloved,” maintains the series’ upward trajectory as it nears its climax. Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) have been involved in a difficult conflict. Despite its shorter duration of about 36 minutes, Episode 4 is thought to be the greatest one thus far. It was written by Brian Tucker and directed by Ali Selim. Despite being shorter, it has many important developments. The fourth episode of Secret Invasion included some of the show’s most surprising revelations and unexpected plot twists to date. Catch up on all the excitement with our (www.tvacute.com) breakdown of Secret Invasion Episode 4.

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The first revelation was that G’iah played by Emilia Clarke, who was believed to have passed away in the previous episode, is actually still alive. She gave herself the Super Skrull powers by using Gravik’s device on herself, which enabled her to heal and be revived. G’iah managed to get out of Gravik’s compound and rejoin Talos, which paved the way for a future conflict with Gravik.

Additionally, this episode supported the idea that Rhodes is a Skrull impostor. Rhodey’s transformation into a Skrull was demonstrated, proving that he is, in fact, a Gravik employee. It is still unknown where the real Rhodes is and how long the Skrull has been acting in place of him. This information raises concerns about Rhodes’ earlier portrayals, which will probably be addressed in forthcoming episodes as Fury looks for the real Rhodes to deal with the Skrull menace.

Another surprise involves Varra, who was given the task of killing Nick Fury by Skrull Rhodey (Don Cheadle). Varra finally decided not to kill Fury, nevertheless. After a heated argument about what was real and what wasn’t, they both came to the realization that their love for one another was sincere, and they decided to spare each other.

It is revealed that Gravik, the mastermind behind the Skrull invasion, is extorting money from Fury. He has surveillance footage of Gravik imitating Fury during Maria Hill’s murder. Gravik threatens to reveal Fury’s involvement using this proof if Fury doesn’t comply with his requests.

The episode’s conclusion includes Fury and Talos thwarting a plot by Gravik and the Skrulls to assassinate President Ritson. To raise tensions between the United States and Russia, the Skrulls posed as Russian soldiers. Following a firefight, Fury and Talos are able to save President Ritson from his flipping car and escape unharmed, averting additional mayhem.

Talos is tragically killed in the episode in a horrible turn. Talos is wounded in the shoulder as he attempts to shatter the automobile window to free President Ritson. He tries, but his injuries cause him to revert back to his Skrull form. Talos is killed by a chest stab from Gravik, who is posing as a British soldier. Fury must make a difficult decision over leaving Talos to save the President.

Talos’s passing is a tragic loss that forces G’iah to join Fury in fighting Gravik because she has now lost both of her parents to Gravik’s cause. In the final two episodes of Secret Invasion, Fury’s desire to halt Gravik and the Skrull invasion will be fueled by this loss as well as the passing of his best friend, the disappearance of his wife, and Rhodey’s betrayal.

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