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[Season Finale] Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Octavius Kratt Dead & Melissa Pregnant

Schmigadoon s2e6 recap

Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) and Melissa (Cecily Strong), the protagonists of Schmigadoon! Season 2 of Cinco Paul’s fantastic specifical, have spent their whole musical tour of Schmicago! trying to find a happy ending. But in the season finale, they get away from the evil Octavius Kratt (Patrick Page). As our main couple weighs once more whether or not to return to the real world, you can expect musical gags referencing everything from Dreamgirls to The Phantom of the Opera. (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of Schmigadoon! Episode 206, in case you missed the episode.

[Season Finale] Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Eventually, the Emcee breaks into a rendition of “Over and Done.” While Josh is behind bars, Melissa is patiently awaiting her wedding to Octavius. Bobby Flanagan forces Melissa to sign a prenuptial contract, marriage license, and divorce decree, all on the condition that she produce a male heir for Octavius. Melissa presses a lawyer Bobby for an explanation of how she can take it — Octavius has Josh as a hostage. Bobby informs her that Octavius was paying her, giving him the benefit of attorney-client confidentiality. When Kratt finally shows up there, Bobby tells him that what they’ve agreed upon is completely binding. Once Kratt gave Bobby her money, she left. Where is Josh? Melissa inquires about Kratt.

As possible as Melissa follows through with the wedding, Josh will be safe, according to Octavius Kratt. Kratt begins a song, but Melissa cuts him off. He claims all he needs is a loving companion, but Melissa is adamant about her devotion to Josh alone. Octavius Kratt departs after telling her the wedding will begin in an hour. Melissa pleads with Madame Frau who runs the Hotel Schmicago for aid. Madame understands Melissa’s pain, but she insists she rolls with the punches and finds joy where she can. While Josh is restrained, he tries to explain to  Schmicago’s chief of police Sergeant Rivera that everything has just been a big mistake. Sgt. Rivera declines, claiming that Josh and his hippy pals have it easy while he and others like him shoulder the burden. Josh challenges him to reveal the barriers that prevent him from achieving his goals. The phone just rang.

Post-nuptials, Octavius Kratt gives Sgt. Rivera orders to eliminate Josh. If Kratt guarantees Rivera a solo performance at the club, then Sgt. Rivera will sign on. Octavius Kratt orders him to murder Josh before ending the call. Sgt. Rivera reaches for his weapon. Josh objects, arguing that it’s not beneficial. He improvises “The Parable of the Faithful Servant,” where a servant does evil at his master’s bidding in the hopes of inheriting the latter’s wealth upon the latter’s death. However, the master’s will provided for his wife but not his servant. Sergeant Rivera is affected, but he quickly recovers. Josh gives a new analogy a shot. All of Miss Codwell’s orphans are well fed. When Dooley Blight saw an orphan, he stormed in. He’s furious and enraged that Octavius Kratt has evaded him. Miss Codwell is attempting to reassure him. He has doubts about her commitment to him. The two of them share a passionate kiss. They proceed to the master bedroom, where he cuts her clothes with a cleaver.

The orphans come to check on her afterward. The orphans don’t need to worry, Blight and Codwell tell them. Blight says he overheard that he and the others should rescue Josh since he saw Sgt. Rivera takes him away. Since Blight was also questioned by Rivera in the lower level of Octavius Kratt’s power plant many years ago, Blight believes that this is where Josh is being held. A leader of a tribe of hippies Topher and Jenny Banks are cuddling in bed. When Topher expresses interest in expanding his sexual horizons, Jenny promises to show him the ropes. The tribe knocks on the door and rushes inside. In order to compel Melissa into marrying Octavius Kratt, Rivera has kidnapped Josh, and Marisa, Michael, and Alex fill them in on the situation.

Topher and Jenny decide to pitch in. Josh uses The Goonies as a metaphor in his retelling. The rest of the tribe comes to Topher’s aid, and he and Josh make up. Jenny responds to Rivera’s gunpoint with a flower. After Dooley Blight and Miss Codwell storm in, Rivera learns that Blight is out for revenge on behalf of his late girlfriend, Daisy. Jenny realizes that Daisy is her mother’s name, and Blight reveals that he is Jenny’s biological father. He claims he was never violent against Daisy. Jenny rejects him because she doesn’t believe him. Blight raises his cleaver but is stopped by Rivera who claims he set Blight up — Daisy was murdered by Octavius Kratt.

Jenny and her father share an emotional embrace. Josh rallies the troops to put a halt to the nuptials. The Narrator is acting as the officiant for the ceremony. Vows are exchanged between Octavius Kratt and Melissa. Josh swoops in at the last second. While Octavius Kratt directs the police to apprehend the intruders, Sgt. Rivera intervenes, saying he will not comply with Kratt’s order, and Madame Frau backs him up. Kratt, not Rivera, explains the police’s role, and he once again gives the order for Josh and the others to be taken into custody. As Josh is being taken away, he and Melissa profess their love for one another. Kratt and Melissa are ready to be officially declared husband and wife when Blight barges in, demanding payback. Blight loses his footing and falls, but luckily his cleaver only hits Kratt’s tail.

Melissa is threatened with a gun and Octavius Kratt tells the Narrator to resume the ceremony when the police have taken Blight. When Bobby tries to help, Octavius Kratt pulls out a gun and she cowers. The chandelier’s suspension rope has been severed. Josh screams at the top of his lungs, “Look up!” Both Melissa and the narrator escape the chandelier just in time. Dooley has Octavius Kratt trapped onstage with his cleaver. Kratt is killed when the chandelier topples on him and electrocutes him. Miss Codwell suddenly emerges and admits that she used the cleaver Blight lent her to sever the cord. Pestilence has reached Codwell. Josh sprints over to Melissa. They kiss and declare their undying love for one another. Madame wants to know if Octavius Kratt has passed away.

After making sure Octavius Kratt is dead, Melissa and Josh lead another round of the chant “Kaput!” The club will be run by Madame Frau, who will promote new acts like Rivera’s Frank-N-Furter-style burlesque, the Narrator explains, and things will be different in Schmicago from here on out. Bobby gives the hippies jobs while she breaks up Octavius Kratt’s monopolies. Jenny and Topher are in charge of the orphanage. The bakery business is a joint venture between Miss Codwell and Jenny Banks’ father Dooley Blight. Since Josh and Melissa’s story has a happy ending, the Narrator says they can leave Schmicago whenever they like, but why would they? Things are better now. They left Schmigadoon feeling like they had learned something, but they kept coming back for more. Everyone begs Josh and Melissa not to leave Schmicago, the city of their dreams.

Melissa and Josh contemplate their desires, something genuine, with tears in their eyes. The group opts to forsake magic. Here comes the leprechaun. He assures Melissa and Josh that they did well on the exam. There is joy in the air. The narrator claims he is tired of being the narrator and advising others on how to live their lives. He longs for independence and a romantic relationship with Rivera. Rivera agrees to do it. The previous Narrator is the subject of an examination by a new narrator.   Josh and Melissa are free to leave at any time, but the Narrator and the other residents of Schmicago encourage them to remain. They elaborate that at this point, all they want is “Something Real.” The Leprechaun makes a second appearance and tells the couple that even though there are no truly “happy endings,” they have reached a “happy beginning.” They eventually make it back to New York, where Josh starts his new job teaching medical students, and Melissa’s pregnancy is ultimately known to everyone.

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