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Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3 Recap [Sex Education] Chapter 127

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There was a lot of tension and chemistry between the characters in the third episode of Riverdale‘s seventh season, which aired on April 12. The episode “Sex Education” is very possibly the hottest and steamiest one to have aired thus far. Cheryl and Kevin were absolutely enthralled by the poems, while Betty and Archie were left entirely bewildered by them. Due to Veronica’s high level of confidence and assurance in herself, the show was a fantastic choice for her. Because Toni was doing a sexually explicit spoken word performance as well as having sexually explicit dreams, there was an air of seductiveness surrounding practically everything. The fresh take on the murder mystery failed to pique the interest of the youngsters.  (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3, in case you missed the episode.

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Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

Ethel’s parents were found dead in their home; they had been stabbed many times. Ethel has accused the milkman of murdering her parents, according to Sheriff Keller. Ethel blames the milkman for the stabbing deaths of her parents. However, nobody believes him because the town’s milkman is in his seventies. Jughead doubts the milkman’s tale. A close-up of a Pep Comic featuring a murderous milkman. For Principal Featherhead, the business resumed as usual. Dr. Werthers successfully argues for the continuation of the juniors’ sex education class, which he intends to lead.

Penelope is uncomfortable with her sister Cheryl’s sexualized depictions of the female form in her artwork and has been pressuring her brother Julian to the quest for a boyfriend for her. Archie isn’t quite ready to give Veronica a second shot, but Julian proposes Cheryl as an alternative. When Archie expresses reluctance, Julian explains that Cheryl typically dates college males. Toni invites Cheryl to the coffeehouse for a night of spoken-word poetry, and Archie offers that he and Cheryl see a film together, but she declines. On the other hand, she suggests that they check out the Dark Room’s open mic night. Clay, who is becoming increasingly affectionate toward Kevin, sends him an invitation, and Veronica asks Julian to accompany her.

The local milkman has been exonerated by the sheriff, but Ethel is convinced it was another milkman. Since Ethel created a bloody comic of herself murdering her parent’s in a meat grinder, she is afraid that Sheriff Keller will suspect her of being the perpetrator. Prior to the sheriff’s discovery, Jughead offers to steal the sketch. Jughead comes across the picture and recognizes the milkman from the Pep Comic. He quietly leaves the room before Betty enters. While this is going on, Betty opens Ethel’s drawer and discovers a book on human sexuality. The Milkman comic is safely tucked up under Jughead’s bed.

Clay reads a poem there in the Dark Room. The meaning of the poem is unclear to Betty and Archie. Toni reads a steamy spoken word poem, and Cheryl listens transfixed despite having to leave. However, she comes to her senses and insists that Archie take her home, after which she gives him a passionate kiss. Betty reads a book about human sexuality under the covers that night, and she fantasizes about kissing Kevin while Archie makes out with Cheryl and then Veronica. Betty ultimately wakes up in a cold sweat after having a dream in which she was kissing Archie. Cheryl and Toni have a passionate makeout session, followed by Kevin and Clay.  In his sex education course for underclassmen, Doctor Werthers emphasizes the importance of bees and flowers. The course is baffling to teenagers. Betty shows her pals her sexuality book since she thinks the school’s teaching on the topic is boring. After Veronica plans a makeout party for the teens, however, Jughead makes the choice to leave.

Kevin studies Clay’s physique intently in the changing room. Clay declines Kevin’s invitation to the party. Clay comes out as gay and wants Kevin to keep his sexual orientation a secret. Archie is in Betty’s room reading a book about sexuality. Betty teaches him a way to flirt and develop the relationship further. While Betty is rubbing Archie’s leg, he ends up getting turned out and is forced to leave. Veronica organizes a game for the party, in which the male guests are assigned a letter and then kiss the corresponding female guest. Kevin gets the Midge and Cheryl gets the Fangs, Jughead is now Betty’s. Veronica grabs Archie and pulls him in for a passionate kiss. Everyone begins to pair off. The shared interests in monster movies and literary allusions. Ultimately, Veronica and Jughead become close. Our #Vughead.

Betty would like to test out her newfound sexual prowess on Kevin, but he’s not. In the meantime, Archie and Cheryl begin to develop romantic feelings for one another. After Cheryl admits she’s never slept with a college boy, Archie presses her even closer for a passionate makeout session. Despite the fact that she is irritated when she hears that Julian set them up. Cheryl flaunts her hickey in front of Julian and Penelope. She claims that she and Archie went to great lengths. The principal is throwing a party, and Ethel and Jug have been invited. They are summoned to the principal’s office, where they learn that the police searched Jughead’s house and discovered the comic book depicting the murder of the milkman. especially the picture Ethel drew of herself squishing her parents.


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