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Riverdale Chapter 67 Recap – Varsity Blues

Riverdale Chapter 67 Recap

Riverdale has come back from winter break and did you remember Archie is still at the football group? No doubt, we didn’t, either. Wednesday’s episode 67, Varsity Blues is in the title contrary to Stonewall Prep and Betty is entrusted with covering the game.

Reggie well-known shows to Betty that the Stallions play to hurt. This leads Betty to meet the rival side. Brett protects his group by mansplaining that football is definitely not a satisfying game.

Betty then meetings players from different groups who affirm that Stonewall performs filthy. The Stonewall mentor pays his gamers. The more regrettable the damage, the greater the abundance. Inquisitively enough, Munroe is assaulted by utilizing people in rabbit veils.


Archie and the Bulldogs retaliate for Munroe with the guide of facing the Stallions and starting a fistfight. Uncle Frank offers a few tablets to Munroe to assist him with playing through the agony. Munroe acknowledges considering Notre Dame is at stake.

Betty counsels Veronica to attempt to get an admission from Brett so she will wreck the story. Fortunately, Veronica’s rum is heavenly and gets Brett talking. Lamentably, Jug ruins her disguise and Betty uncovers out around the Quill and Skull. Mr. Nectar executes Betty’s piece as it’s miles noise and she didn’t get genuine confirmation. This doesn’t prevent Betty.


Betty proceeds with her examination and gets Mr. Nectar energetic about beginning a Quiz team in order to stop Stonewell. Jughead gets set up to Yale together with Brett. Forthright in no way, shape or form got the risk to make it up to Fred about accepting all penalties for his DUI so Archie offers him a subsequent peril.

Hiram serves Veronica on patent encroachment. Evidently, her rum is a duplicate of Lodge Rum. To get again at him, Veronica gives an exceptional fixing Blossom Maple.

This episode changed into a super middle of the season debut. Such a large number of things occurred! What’s more, obviously, there has been a Vixens‘ tune. I can’t envision the unwinding of this season!


Pause. So since apparently Jughead doesn’t make it out of this season alive, does that propose Betty is going to Yale? I NEED to comprehend what happens to Juggie!

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