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Where is Mario Biondo’s Wife Raquel Sanchez Silva Now?

Raquel Sanchez Silva Now – The Final Hours of Mario Biondo,” an alluring new true crime documentary on Netflix that investigates the mysterious death of Raquel Sanchez Silva’s husband, Mario Biondo.

With its imminent release, this forthcoming documentary promises to capture audiences and further cement Netflix’s standing as a leader in true crime content; already, popular shows like “Take Care of Maya” and “King of Clones” have caused waves this year.

The documentary explores four compelling episodes surrounding the tragic demise of Mario Biondo in 2013, drawing upon an array of resources, including archival footage, interviews with those close to his case, and carefully orchestrated reenactments.

Though a Spanish coroner’s report initially concluded without suggesting any wrongdoing, the issue reemerged when the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office in Italy became involved, giving rise to more unanswered questions.

Accusations were initially levelled at Raquel Sanchez-Silva upon her untimely demise. However, throughout the investigation, the truth behind Raquel Sanchez-Silva’s death became clearer, dispelling any suspicion or blame cast upon her.

Curious about Raquel Sanchez-Silva’s life and career? Here is an introduction to her journey.

Who was Mario Biondo

Who was Mario Biondo?

In 2013, Italian cameraman Mario Biondo, married to famous Spanish TV hostess Raquel Sanchez-Silva and an associate of renowned Spanish journalist Javier Castelarin, mysteriously passed away due to unknown causes.

To this day, the events surrounding Biondo’s death remain unclear. Some theories speculate he may have committed suicide, while others allege some form of interference or crime may have been involved. Whatever the source, Biondo’s sudden demise caused shockwaves among society as it occurred just over one year after his wedding to Sanchez-Silva on May 30, 2013.

Although time has passed, authorities cannot definitively establish the cause of his death. To make matters more interesting, his parents remain convinced he was murdered, with indications from Italy’s justice system suggesting a possible false suicide-like scene where the alleged crime may have occurred. As a result, his family continues their search for justice.

Netflix’s newest true crime docuseries will shed light on this unsolved case by exploring every detail surrounding Mario Biondo’s untimely demise, interviewing individuals close to him and those actively involved in his investigation. Through interviews and observations of what occurred then, this series hopes to uncover all that remains mysterious surrounding his passing.

Who is Raquel Sanchez-Silva?

Raquel Sanchez-Silva’s childhood was marked by both happiness and hardship; her relationship with her mother, Sol, was one of strength. Sol offered Raquel unwavering support throughout her life.

Raquel’s desire to pursue journalism began at an early age; she started working at a local television station before making a move to Madrid, where she soon found success as an anchor of the Telenoticias 2 program and later with national cable networks such as Canal+, Cuatro, and Telecinco.

In 2011, destiny led Raquel into the life of Mario Biondo, an Italian cameraman she quickly fell deeply in love with, despite their significant age gap. They first met while filming the Spanish adaptation of ‘Survivor,’ Supervivientes. Their instant connection compelled Mario to relocate from Palermo to Madrid to be with Raquel; eventually, they wed in Taormina on June 22, 2012.

However, their happiness was short-lived as tragedy struck on May 30, 2013. Mario was discovered dead early that morning without Raquel or their children present; speculation suggested a possible conflict over cocaine use that morning before Raquel left for Plasencia.

As soon as Mario passed away, Raquel’s behaviour came under scrutiny from Mario’s family members, who suspected she might have been involved. Her decision to continue their trip while accompanying her mother and friends raised further suspicion, while Raquel remained discreet when asked about their relationship.

At first, investigations and autopsies conducted over the last decade, including specialists, prosecutors, and judges, pointed towards suicide as the cause of Mario’s death until 2022.

Netflix has just unveiled “The Final Hours of Mario Biondo,” an intense docuseries that explores his tragic end with great insight. Viewers will get an unprecedented look into Raquel Sanchez-Silva and all that lies behind her husband’s untimely demise.

Where is Raquel Sanchez Silva Now?

Raquel Sanchez-Silva, the 50-year-old Spanish broadcaster, has experienced an exemplary journey both personally and professionally. Following the birth of twins in 2015, she remains in a relationship with Argentinian audiovisual producer Matas Dumont, who shares two children with her.

Raquel also made waves as an author, publishing her debut novel “Manana, a las seis” (Tomorrow at Six) in 2014. Since then, she has hosted “Maestros de la Costura,” Spain’s version of The Great British Sewing Bee. Additionally, she was involved in TV programs like Gran Hermano VIP in 2015 and Lo Siguiente TVE (The Next Thing) between 2018 and 2019.

Raquel has been in an on-and-off relationship with Matas Dumont since 2014 and welcomed twin boys named Bruno Dumont and Mateo Dumont into the world on September 21, 2015. Raquel seems intent on balancing her roles as daughter, partner, mother, friend, and coworker while leaving behind any previous experiences that might hinder her efforts.

“The Final Hours of Mario Biondo,” an eye-opening true crime documentary series, is set to debut on Netflix UK on August 3, with streaming starting at 8 am that day. To access it, a membership to Netflix UK is necessary.

Raquel Sanchez-Silva’s life is intriguing, from her success in broadcasting to writing books, raising a family, and maintaining meaningful relationships. By shedding light on Mario Biondo’s death mystery and watching this documentary series, viewers will gain deeper insight into her complicated existence and the tragic events that have marked her journey.

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