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Playboy Cover Girls: Where are Bentley Twins Sandy and Mandy now?

Bentley Twins Sandy and Mandy

In “The Playboy Murders: Double Trouble,” an Investigation Discovery show, fame, betrayal, and crime are explored in the shadows of a chilling double murder involving Sandy Bentley and her twin sister Mandy Bentley. The murders of Michael Tradio and Christopher Monson add more mystery to the already exciting lives of the Bentley Twins as this true-crime story goes on. We are learning about the deaths through a story that includes the bad side of fame, a web of relationships, and where the twins are now.

Who are the Bentley Twins?

Sandy Bentley and her twin sister Amanda (Mandy) Bentley became famous as the Bentley Twins. They were born on May 18, 1978, in Joliet, Illinois. People all over the world were amazed when the twins, who were 5 feet 9 inches tall, were on the cover of Playboy in May 2000. Because they knew Hugh Hefner, they were able to live together as lovers at the Playboy Mansion in 1999 and 2000.

Along with being famous for their Playboys, the Bentley Twins were on hit TV shows like “Two and a Half Men,” “Sex and the City,” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” However, things went badly for them when Sandy started dating the wealthy Mark Yagalla, which was not what they expected. Sandy’s relationship with Yagalla, who gave her lots of expensive gifts, turned bad when Yagalla was arrested for running a Ponzi scam.

Sandy Bentley’s link to Michael Tardio who worked as a doorman at a bar started when she was dating Mark Yagalla. They reportedly came up with a plan to quickly make money by selling the jewelry they got from Yagalla. On the terrible night of September 2, 2002, Tardio and Monson went to meet a possible buyer, but things went wrong when they got there. They were found dead in a luxury SUV in Studio City, California, on September 2, 2002. The car was on fire, and no one knows what happened that night that killed them, and the expensive jewelry was never found. Each of them came from a wealthy family and wanted to be famous in Hollywood.

Detectives thought that the killings might have something to do with the secret sale of Sandy’s jewelry and that the buyer might have been responsible for the tragedy. Investigators were able to piece together a story of theft and violence even though the car was set on fire to get rid of proof.

At first, Mark Yagalla was seen as the most likely suspect, but he wasn’t found guilty because he was in jail in Pensacola, Florida, at the time of the killings. The investigation looked briefly at Tardio’s ties to The Garden of Eden bar, which suggested that angry clubgoers might have been behind the crime.

Even though there have been efforts and a $75,000 prize offered in 2011, the murders of Michael Tradio and Christopher Monson have not been solved. This leaves many unanswered questions about their sad deaths.

Where are Bentley Twins Sandy and Mandy now?

Sandy and Mandy Bentley pulled away from the public eye after the terrible events at the Playboy Mansion and the killings. At the moment, both Sandy and Mandy live quiet lives, focusing on their projects and avoiding the spotlight. Since 2005, the twins have lived in total privacy. Even though they used to be famous and were on popular TV shows.

Where is Sandy Bentley’s ex-boyfriend Mark Yagalla now?

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